Five Most Important Elements Of Facebook Fan Page

Elements Of Facebook Fan Page

Social networking site has become synonymous to Facebook. With over 6 billion users, Facebook is now the most popular social networking site for people to connect through. The huge user base has turned Facebook into a major platform for the promotion and marketing of products and ideas. And to help marketers Facebook has also introduced Fan Page. The most important functions of the elements of Facebook fan page is to maximize the conversion rate of visitors.

Introduced in 2007, Facebook fan page quickly became popular because of its feel and appeal as well as the effortless interaction with millions of followers. The elements of Facebook fan page is no different than an ordinary profile page. However, it has been designed especially for brands and organizations with additional functionalities to promote their product on the social network.

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A Facebook fan page is also important as it helps build the brand image for a business. Thus while creating the page the most important elements of Facebook fan page should be included to get an optimum result.

1. Accurate business/ product information

Your fan page is a window to your website. This also works as a homepage as it provides important information about your business to the audience. Accurate business and product information is necessary if you wish to develop your brand image. Try including a shortened description of your business in the bio. Include contact details if possible. Complete information of your business would in turn help in increasing the rate of conversion.

2. Wide connections

Your fan page is the page that you can use to connect to a wide range of audience and pull in a huge traffic to your site. However, never limit to just a single social site. One of the important elements of Facebook fan page is to connect with audience in other social networks as well with links to your other social profiles. Connect with influencers in your business domain to increase your chances to get noticed. With a wider range of connections, the conversion is likely to increase.

3. Promotion through blogs

Important Elements Of Facebook Fan Page

Sharing blog posts is one of the important elements of Facebook fan page and is a great way to promote your blogs. It also contributed in increasing traffic to the site as audience tends to click on the blogs. Blogs are simple to add and its presence also help in connecting through “networkedblogs”.

4. Posts at frequent intervals

Social networking sites are bombarded with promotional ads of different products. Thus being visible to your target audience becomes tough. Regular posting gets you visible in the news feeds, thus increasing your chances to get noticed. Regular posting of fresh content to your Facebook fan page would surely make visitors return to your site to check on the latest posts by you. If you post frequently, you are able to address to a wide range of audience and also increase your chance to get noticed.

5. Interaction with visitors

Your Facebook fan page is an interaction platform for your visitors. It is one of the most vital elements of Facebook fan page. The fan page has few functionalities that allow you to give out messages to all your followers at once. Audience too can send messages, write reviews, suggest friends to like your page and other functionalities. Ensure to reply to any query that arises from your audience. This will not only help solve the problem of your audience but also set a positive impact on your target audience. This helps in increasing the traffic to your site as it is evident that you take your Facebook audience seriously.


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