Significant Apple Devices Not Mentioned In the News

Significant Apple Devices

Apple has made the world go into a tizzy with its recent iPhone 6 and iWatch launch. iPhone fans have already queued up in front of Apple’s Flagship stores waiting anxiously to lay their hands on the latest iPhone version. The new iPhone 6 also brings with it the new operating system, the iOS 8. However, these new devices have made the public overlook few of older yet significant Apple devices. Apple did not mention any news of those devices either.

Apple at its 9th September event had introduced the world with two models of iPhone 6 and Apple’s first smartwatch, the infamous iWatch. Yet, no mentions were made of significant Apple devices like the iPod and the Apple TV, a set-top box and the iPad.

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Significant Apple Devices iPod

iPod Touch:

iPod was one of Apple’s very first mobile devices. Apple later upgraded its iPod to iPod Touch the fifth generation of iPod with capacitive touch. The device looks more like a smartphone except for the fact that calls cannot be generated through this device. iPod has features like camera, online surfing, access to and usage of iCloud, iBookstore, access to iTunes Store etc. iPod Touch can also be used as a gaming console.

Significant Apple Devices Apple TV

Apple TV:

Apple TV is an audio and video streaming set top box. This digital streaming video was introduced in the year 2006. Since then Apple has released the 2nd and 3rd generation of Apple TV. This device was last upgraded in the year 2012 when Apple released its 3rd generation of set top box. However, since then many streaming devices have launched with better features, taking away much of Apple TV’s market. This device too needs a revamped version.

Significant Apple Devices iPad


There was no mention about any new iPad in the process even though iPad has been among the most significant Apple devices for long. Apple already has one of the biggest tablet; the iPad Air. But according to rumors Apple is in the process of making a new iPad with Touch ID fingerprint sensitivity. This would make the iPad more secure. Users can tweak the settings such that the iPad would open only with fingerprint scan of the user/users.

It is being hoped that Apple might organize a separate event exclusively for these significant Apple devices. However, nothing of such has been in news or leaked by any source.


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