Shopping From Google Search Results Is Now Possible

Shopping From Google Search Results

Google has been most experimental with its search engine and algorithm. So much so that it now plans to introduce the option of shopping from Google search results by searchers.

The market share of Google is the highest among all the search engines. Over 70% of the world’s internet using population prefer Google to fulfill all their search queries. And this has been the reason advertisers are struggling to make their ads visible on the search engine. A high number of users now are heavily using ecommerce sites to meet their shopping solutions. And Google plans to monetize on this increasing trend of online shopping. Thus to make online shopping effortless, Google plans to introduce direct shopping from Google search results.

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The new feature of Google is currently in the beta phase. However, developers of the tech giant are working hard to make it available to the audience as soon as possible.

Shopping From Google Search Results Available Now

The working of the new feature will be quite easy and online shoppers will be able to use it effortlessly. Once a searcher searches for a particular phrase or keyword, results for shopping are displayed in Google style cards in the result page. Searchers can then make direct payment through Google wallet or any other Android based payment portals. A shopper can complete the entire process of shopping without leaving the search engine result page.

According to study reports by Google, the search for online shopping has increased sharply over the past few years. Thus this has been an attempt by Google to increase and expand its business further with this new feature. Google will be tying up with different ecommerce brands to display their products. Thus along with direct shopping from Google search results, Google will also be charging the ecommerce sites for each click made by the shopper.

Officials at Google, however, has not yet revealed any official launch date. It is expected that this feature will be launched by the end of this year.

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