Is The New Vivaldi Browser A Challenge To Other Browsers?

New Vivaldi Browser

What happens when one man’s life work is dumped for something more recent and simple? He comes back with a chip on his shoulder to show who the leader is, and where his expertise is concerned. Von Tetzchner, the former CEO of Opera has created a new and improved browser, Vivaldi. With the new Vivaldi browser, Tetzchner is paving his way back into the tech world.

It is a hard ball game out there, and competing with heavyweights such as the Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, is not an easy feat to achieve. But the new Vivaldi browser looks pretty promising with a new improved tab management, a built-in notepad, advance keyboard shortcuts and a lot more on offer.

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What is different with Vivaldi?

The new Vivaldi browser is shaping up to be the ultimate desktop management tool. Desktops and laptops are here to stay, no matter how advanced technology becomes. These are the ultimate go to for projects. These are used for communication, file management and storage. The need of the hour is to tie these together, where Google seems to fall behind. Tab management is tedious when you have plenty of files open at once. And extensions for the management of these only slow down the processing speed. The email is not integrated at the home page level. Thus it doesn’t allow you to click and make your way to the website; you have to go through the email hosting site. Vivaldi could be the answer to some of these basic user issues.

The new Vivaldi browser kicks off with some very enviable features like Quick commands that allow you to access the features of the browser by just typing in the commands. Speed dial helps the user to link to frequently used websites while opening a new tab. Then, there are notes which will give the users of Vivaldi the ability to take notes and screenshots while browsing. ‘Bookmarks’ is a stable feature in all browsers. However, what makes the bookmarks in Vivaldi different from the rest is the interface. It is displayed in a tree form with screenshots.

New Vivaldi Browser Features

Vivaldi and Chrome:

New Vivaldi browser uses the same rendering engines that Chrome offers but with better web language coding like JavaScript and React, that is presumed to increase the user interface and give an enhanced browsing experience. The features are stacked on the left hand tool bar which is said to increase the speed of the browser. Vivaldi comes with various inbuilt features as stated above, but also allows room for customization.

Vivaldi also comes with a sandboxing feature that prevents your computer from rogue and malicious sites altering the content. Vivaldi integrates your emails much like the blackberry system.

Business strategies:

The new Vivaldi browser is playing it smart, instead of outrunning Chrome which is currently the leading choice for a browser of many, it incorporates and enhances the features and brings in a more if better compatibility and performance standard. It targets the hard core surfers and promises a faster and easier interaction with the web content.

Vivaldi is available on windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Vivaldi is available for download from its website.

What is threatening about the new Vivaldi browser is the makers approach to the market. It is difficult for a fresh and new browser to thrive in a competitive market dominated by big wigs like Google and Microsoft. But that does not fret the maker. He is patient, he is sure and he is not backing down. Von Tetzchner has funded the entire project and spear headed a team of a mere 25 people himself. And he does not give out definite about his venture. When asked he says,

“It takes the time it will take. I am a very long-term thinker in everything I do. I start in one corner, and I build, and I build, and I build,” he says. “That’s what I did with Opera.”


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