Is Social Media Killing The Open Web?

Social Media Killing The Open Web

Social media needs no introduction. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, the whole world is now staying connected. However, there is the dark side of social media that not many of us are aware of. The fact of social media killing the open web is posing a threat for several businesses. Marketers are turning to social media to increase their revenue.

There is a lot of content being posted in social media that would easily catch the attention of the youngsters. As a result, the viewership of these pages get increased in no time. With many social websites coming up, there is an increasing threat of social media killing the open web. The youngsters especially are generating a lot of content in these websites.

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Social media as a threat to open web

Gone are the days when people used to get to open web, especially Google for getting data from the web. With the help of just a few clicks, one can now sign in to social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and the world becomes available at the fingertips. The word “Share” is the magic word when it comes to social media. You hit the “share” button and the content is now available to the whole world. By now, it is evident why social media killing the open web is a concern!

It has been estimated that website-visits from social media has increased from 11% to 30% within a span of three years. The biggest share however is attributed to Facebook. They currently account for nearly 25% of all website visits. The entire industry has grown up with the help of algorithms optimizing the websites.

Effects Of Social Media Killing The Open Web

The fundamental problem with social media is that is segments and compartmentalizes information and data and hence authenticates the complaint of social media killing the open web. Hence, they wall-off the content from what has been posted in the web. Besides, the content that is found in the web is noisy and there are a lot of duplicate and erroneous content that is being found. With the help of social media, they limit the APIs that they would make available to the third party aggregators. As a result, people remain in these social media sites and access all content. With all this, it goes without a doubt that people are slowly turning to social media for primary information source.

The growing trend

It is quite evident that social media websites are killing the open web. The trend, as seen, is only continuing to grow and it is clearly like to grow leaps and bounds and they would become the one-stop shop for web.

The most important fact of Facebook, just like other social media websites with respect to web content is that they intend to engage the users to spend more time by embedding the web content right within Facebook by engaging with the publishers. This way, people need not go out to other websites. Also, with more time the user spends, Facebook gets more ad revenue. This makes it a reason good enough for visitors to just visit Facebook for all information rather than making use of the web to browse through websites and also justifies the statement social media killing the open web. For example, to read a newspaper, one need not go to Google and type the website name and view the ePaper. If one is subscribed to that page in Facebook, he or she would get the news feed directly.

Directly or indirectly, we are all feeding content to Facebook and other social media websites and destroying the web slowly. With the next generation fully hooked to the social media websites, the fact of social media killing the open web is becoming all the more evident. Say good bye to open web and say hello to social media, in case you have not already.


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