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Use Metro Templates and Frameworks to Create Your Website

Website designing is an art, which is created to suit the requirement of a business and the taste of its target audiences. Just like any other art form, website designs evolve constantly with technology. One such evolution is Metro by Microsoft, which has influenced the designing industry a lot lately.

It is typography based designing language which relies more on typography than on graphics. Metro concept has been used on Windows Phone, Windows 8, Zune and Media center.

Metro is based on Vibrance, Typography and simplicity. It allows the user to interact with the content directly. It is all about simplicity and removal of extra items that can make a website look clumsy.

There are certain Frame works and templates that can let you create stunning Windows 8 Metro UI styled websites.

Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Metro UI CSS – It is created with LESS and consists of grid system, tables, buttons and various styles of typography. The best thing is that it has a built in JavaScript components for menu, sidebar, accordion etc.
  • Boot metro – It will give you every feature of bootstrap with a Metro Design. It also consists of custom styles for application, titles which will make your designing process easier.
  • Metro UI Template – It consists of multiple titles and smooth transitions which makes it perfect for mobile phones.

Plug-in is important for a website and for Metro UI-Styled Website you can get

  • Jq-metro – It consists of several controls like list picker, toggle switch, and progress bar for creating the perfect website.
  • Metro JS – This plug-in can create titles and application bar which is can be customized according to your requirements.
  • jQuery Metro UI Plug-in – It only focuses on creating title views with ease.

To enhance the design you can use Metro UI Icons which are free of cost. Modern UI Icons are one of them; it is a set of hand crafted icons that comes in 48* 48x PNG and XTML Files. Then there is Metro UI Dock Icon set that consists of 670+ Windows 8 dock. Hence, with the help of these frameworks, Templates and Plug-ins you can create the perfect Metro UI styled website..


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