The Apple Music App: The New Music Streaming App On iOS

Apple Music App

It is the world of technology and Apps. We have numerous apps available for download for every single purpose, right from utility to music. Apps are developed to be compatible according to Android and iOS phones. While each service provider offers his own signature apps, can Apple, the kingpin be left behind? Apple has recently launched Apple music, the music streaming iOS App for all the music lovers. The Apple Music App lets people play music irrespective of the device that they are using, which may be iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or even your PC!

To begin with, Apple Music App, as the name says, is a music streaming app launched by Apple. The service would be free of cost for all users for a period of three months. The premium pricing is at $10 per month. That is not all; the app is even available for Android users, which is the first in the history of Apple. Access to radio skipping is also available with an Apple account.

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However, it is the Apple Music membership that offers the complete package for its users. Apple music also aims to connect artists with fans through this brand new app that it has launched. Using the Apple music, one can create a library of music that can be played offline. Albums and music can be added to the music library. The catalogue listed in this app is elaborate. However, it does not contain the entire catalogue of iTunes. All songs that are purchased in iTunes get automatically added to Apple Music App.

The good, the bad and the ugly

The best part about the Apple Music App is the Beats 1 radio station, the flagship radio station of Apple that comes along. It offers 24 hours of global music experience for all its listeners. There are also guest shows. Another awesome feature of this App is the “Just for You” that identifies tracks customized to the user, which is a really cool feature.

New Apple Music App

Having talked about the good part of this new app, there are a lot of disadvantages that make its competitors like Spotify a better one. The interface needs some serious make over and is not user friendly. While the menu of a few things in the app is alright, most of them cause a headache. Added to this, the Connect feature is also placed in the clutter space, making it less user friendly.

The suggestions given in Apple Music App are just random and definitely need improvement and should take some cue from iTunes on this. That is not all! Performance issues have also been reported and there have been multiple crashes even scrolling through simple menus. The three-month free trial being offered is a good chance to make use of the App offerings. But overall, the app is not impressive enough with its cluttered interface and performance issues. One needs to wait and watch how this app turns out in the coming days.

People who have subscribed toSpotify and other similar music apps are slowly giving the newly launched Apple Music App a try. With a lot of shortcomings, this app still has a tremendous scope of improvement and potential when compared to its competitors. It may be too early to predict which one is the clear winner. However, with an awesome radio station Beats 1 by its side, this Apple App is a killer and would give its competitors a run for the money despite the shortcomings.

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