How Important Is Analysing Social Activities Of Competitors?

Analysing Social Activities Of Competitors

You may be running a great business with a huge follower base. But at times you may observe that your follower base is going down. This hampers your business as the rate of conversion too falls directly impacting your ROI. Aggressive marketing on the part of your competitors may result in such a situation. Thus apart from keeping a continuous active marketing campaign, monitoring and analysing social activities of competitors form a chief part in your analytics.

Competitors are the one that make you strive for achieving higher standards of output. With the marketers offering similar kind of products, promotion and advertising has formed a major part of the competitive market. Thus, analyzing social activities of competitors can help you to come up with better and more innovative marketing ideas.

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Social profiles are the best platforms to analyse how competitors are promoting their products and increasing the follower base. Tracking on few of the major metrics on the social profiles can provide immense information on the promotional pattern of your competitiors. Thus, you get a clearer idea on how to and what to implement to beat your competitors.

Number of followers

Check the number of followers your competitors have on their various social profiles. Most of the online businesses have social accounts on a number of different social networking sites. However, keeping track of the main social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube can supply you with the necessary information. This will help you analyse their popularity in the social media.

Prime posts and tweets

Posting and tweeting on social media needs to be done at regular intervals to gain visitors and remain visible within the social media noise. Most often these are just to remain visible. However, keep an eye on the important posts and tweets that are made by them. Properly analyzing social activities of competitors to a great extent depends on the type and style of posts that competitors do.

Carefully Analysing Social Activities Of Competitors

Take ideas from their posts and check which posts receive the highest views, likes and retweets.

Is each post unique

Exclusivity in posts and tweets tend to attract a wider range of audience. Thus marketers tend to vary during posting or tweeting similar posts in the social profiles. Exclusivity in posts tend to attract a higher number of followers, enabling to target a wider range of audience. Marketers are also able to interact with varied audience type thus increasing its chances of conversion. Analyzing social activity of competitors in turn help you increase your interactivity with your audience.


Videos have now become a major promotional tool in the social platforms. When you are analysing social activities of competitors ensure to monitor the video advertisements that they use. Check which video makes the maximum impact. Draw ideas from those videos and incorporate those ideas in your promotional ads as well.

Analysing social activities of competitors may provide you with insights to create your social media ads. These ads need to be inspiring so that it is able to pull in a high number of visitors to the site. When you put together the analytical reports you would have the required data to make moves to beat your competitors.


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