Why Microsoft’s Roll Out Of Windows 10 Is Rather Slow?

Roll Out Of Windows 10

Microsoft Windows just gets bigger and better with every update. With the roll out of Windows 10 round the corner, here is what the fans can look forward to. The good news is that Windows 10 has some pretty cool features including the return of the Start Menu and Microsoft Edge, a brand new browser. Both the Windows 10 Home and Professional would be made available on the same day.

The flip side is however that fans will have to wait a little longer for the roll out of Windows 10 which is going to be launched in staggered phases. Ideally only the Windows Insiders, also known as Windows 10 Beta Testers will get the first preview of the product when it is being launched on July 29 2015.

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Now, does this mean it is going to be a long wait for the rest of the folks? The Vice President of Operating Systems, Microsoft, Myerson says that there is no definite timeline and the registered folks will be able to get it based on their system compatibility issues and will be notified once the Windows 10 has been installed in their system. Microsoft will also release a build for the retailers to assist the ones who have purchased Windows 8.1 version.

Windows 10 – Different Package for Different folks

From retail to education, the roll out of Windows 10 announces different packages for different folks. The Windows Pro, Windows Education and Enterprise offers a wide range of security features and deployment features. The Volume Licensing can be downloaded from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). Enterprise Data Protection would also be made available in the future updates, like last year.

Why is there a delay?

Roll Out Of Windows 10 By Microsoft

Myerson also adds that the staggered Both the Windows 10 Home and Professional would be made available on the same day.approach is to help manage the demand and upgrading all the one billion devises at the same time would be impossible. Hence, this approach to roll out in lots will help tackle the demand. There have been several issues related to the roll out of Windows 10 that has been observed. To begin with, the pricing was not clear until last month and who would be entitled for a free upgrade was not clear. Added to it, now there would be an unprecedented delay for the users.  As the roll out happens this month, the experience of Windows 10 users will be recorded and updated every day.

A workaround for the Microsoft fans

Here is a workaround for those wanting for trying it out right on the first day of roll out of Windows 10, that is 29th July 2015. One can sign up for the Windows Insider Programon the web. After registering, one needs to install the Beta 10 version available for download. Though this is a test version, as the launch is nearing, the beta version would be as good as the original. The ones who have signed up and testing the program can continue to switch to the actual version once launched or can remain in test mode.  Five million people have signed up for the Insider Program thus far.

Worth the wait

The folks who have tried the beta version vouch by saying that Windows 10 is power packed and would be worth the wait. With the earlier updates of Microsoft Windows have had mixed reactions, Windows 10 is something to definitely watch out for considering the new browser Microsoft Edge. With the time for the roll out of Windows 10 fast approaching, it is time to wait and watch what Microsoft has got in store for its fans this time. For now, there are a lot of expectations for this version and let’s just hope Microsoft lives up to it.


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