Unusual Icon Designs That Create Huge Impact On Audience

Unusual Icon Designs

An icon defines your message in a subtle and graphic way. It is through an icon that you can represent an object, message or a program. Icons form a significant part in the digital world that we live in today. Highly used in applications these sometimes work as the gateway to commence an application. Hence for every digital media we use, icons are necessary. And to define each of our services as unique, unusual icon designs are created and used to pull visitor.

It is very important that the icon you choose for your webpage matches with the audience and the theme of the website. The chosen icon should attract the attention of the audience. An icon conveys more than a 1000 word. So, pay great interest and attention while selecting the icon. Here are 7 unusual icon designs that have successfully created a huge impact on the audience and are being extensively used by website owners.

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Fliraneo icon

This icon with pictures of book, pen, camera, a piggybank has attracted interest of huge number of small entrepreneurs. Camera icon is ideal for photography site while a shopping cart is perfect for an e-commerce website. The best part of this unusual icon designs is that they are shiny and clear. These simply awesome and finely carved icons are great to use for websites. These are available for commercial use and you can avail these icons from Lazycrazy Deviantart.

Professional eCommerce icons

Ecommerce is a major industry and has been increasing each day with growing use of mobile devices. The shopping cart icon and the wallet icon are two most unusual icon designs that have created a huge impact on audience. Apart from these, the VISA and MasterCard icon too have gain immense popularity among people.  Created byWebIconSet, these are available for commercial use from Smashing Magazine.

Gentle romantic icons

These latest romantic icons really do not look like icons. In fact, they look more like big images over a transparent background. There are varieties of these romantic icons such as a set of champagne glasses, royal looking pillow with a gently placed crown, heart with a ribbon around it that can be used for writing short messages and a cute looking red rose with two leaves and few marbles in front. Though these are not commonly used, and are quite unusual icon designs, yet they have created a significant identity of their own.  These too are the creation of Lazycrazy Deviantart.

Unusual Icon Designs Set

Gift icons

Gift icons are really helpful for ecommerce sites that sell gifts. With Icons indicating a particular type of gift viewers easily reach for the products without much searching. There are different varieties of icons in this pack ranging from routine colorful gift boxes wrapped with ribbons to unique wedding rings, hearts with ribbons, bouquet of flowers and a cutely dressed puppy. Each icon can be used for a specific purpose. For example-the dressed up puppy icon can be used to indicate accessories for dogs. The availability of these icons in different sizes makes them more useful. You can get your own icon or personalize it at Miniartx Deviantart.

Lovely website icons

This adorable icon set has many wonderful things. It has a paint can with paint spilling out of it, notebook and pen with a glazy appearance, a stylish looking mobile phone, flowery notebook, a valet, shopping basket, magnifying lens and a gift pack. Magnifying lens is ideal for using with search engines, notebook and pen for educational websites and the paint can be perfect for use with art related websites. Users can choose a picture of their interest and incorporate it in their webpage.

Cute critters icons

These are ideal for those who are tired of using the routine social media icons. All these icons seem to be similar but a close look at them shows their different faces with various interesting expressions. The images with Kung Fu Panda are preferred by many web users for use as wallpapers. The cute looking adorable icons are perfect for use with animal related websites such as those dedicated at rescuing animals. Few users love to use them in their chat demo sessions. Few images are so cute and adorable that children get attracted to them very easily.

Icons for web designers

Web designers are always in the look out of creating something new and unique. Icons are something which are quite important as it impacts the visitor with its uniqueness. Unusual icon designs attracts visitors more. Web designers can use icons like a color palette, a color shade card, a box of crayons indicating their work. Available for commercial as well as for private use, you can get the icons at Vandelay Premier.

An interesting part about all these unusual icon designs is they are free to download and can be used to suit your design requirements, chat sessions, demo sessions etc. However, ensure that few of them are not for commercial use. These form a good collection for those collecting icon sets as a part of digital scrapbook.

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