Six Business Lessons To Learn From Bill Gates

Business Lessons

Bill Gates is no new name to someone who has the remotest idea about the Windows operating system. The co-founder of Microsoft, Gates took the world to a whole new level of technological advancement with Windows operating system that he created. Hence his business lessons proved to be quite productive in Microsoft’s progress through the years.

Gates was the wealthiest man at one point of time. Though he has lost that title yet he is worth nearly $79 billion. Bill Gates stepped down from his position as the CEO ofMicrosoft last year. However, he continues to be a member of the board, providing the company with guidance and business ideas as and when required. Here are few business lessons that we can learn from the creator of one of the best operating systems the world has ever used.

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1. Create an impact

Bill Gates stresses on making an impact in the world which is one of the top business lessons to be followed. To make the world a better place it is necessary to come in the limelight. He believes in making an impact rather than just working for a cause.

People can spend years trying or working on something. Or they can work on making something significant. This is the policy that Bill Gates follows helping the world in making it a better place.

2. Be radical

The world always looks for change. However, once change starts taking place, humans find it difficult to accept. Hence change needs to be done and done fast. It should be all consuming taking every aspect of the world under it. A radical change will be much more noticeable than a slow one.

Business Lessons By Bill Gates

Gates believes in the radical theory. He says, “In this business, by the time you realize you’re in trouble, it’s too late to save yourself”.

3. Play your values

Bill Gates was driven by a passion of changing the world. This was a feature that attracted people to Microsoft. His purpose in life was to make the world a better place through innovation in technology. This is the reason, the entrance door of every department at Microsoft bears a blue board saying “Change the world or go home”. This is his motivational technique for his co-workers and one of the top business lessons for the world.

4. Market drives are not always correct

People need to take care what they drive to promote. This is one critical among the many business lessons to learn from him.There are few important aspects that do not get promoted by the authorities. According to Bill Gates, “ only by paying attention to these things, and having brilliant people who care and draw other people in, can we make as much progress as we need to.

5. Need for right people

Bill Gates believes in the spirit of team work. For him, the best work can improve to become better with the right people around. Surrounding oneself with smart and intelligent people, a person is able to scale his growth and achieve great improvement.

6. Divide and solve

If you have a problem, dividing and solving the problem helps draw out an easier solution to it. Splitting the problem into different segments helps in selecting the section that needs immediate attention. You need not be the first one. Taking time in solving a problem, makes it low cost and foolproof.


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