Customize Your PPC Campaign With Different Browsers

Customize Your PPC Campaign

Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a small amount to the search engine where your ad was posted. This would be profitable only if it results in successful conversion, where visitors of your website get converted. But if it does not result in an increase in conversion, then your PPC cost would become sunk cost. Customize your PPC campaign to get better results.

You bid for the right word. You opted for the best search engine. Your ad was up to the mark and catchy. So where did you go wrong? Perhaps you forgot to customize your PPC campaign.

Pre-requisites as you customize your PPC Campaign

i. Every PPC ad campaign is judged on the basis of the quality score and CTR (Click through rate)- higher the CTR, better becomes your campaign. This CTR depends on a variety of factors like:

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ii. Relevance of your ad

iii. Lack of any actionable claim

iv. Overlooking testing of your ad

v. Lack of extensions that allow the user to go where they want easily

vi. And finally, browser customization

Information browsers

Most people who type keywords into search engines are more likely to gather some information. “Google it” is a catch phrase used when one does not know something. Keywords that are entered are vague, less descriptive, and common. Like “browse”, “click”, etc. So if you want to target these phrases and keywords and bid on them, theconversion rate is going to hit rock bottom.

Ways To Customize Your PPC Campaign

So how do you get them to buy your product? Since no one searching for information would have their shopping mode turned on, give them what they want. Information.

Give the browsers information that revolve around your product in the form of articles, advice, tips and how-to’s. Here the focus is not on selling but meeting the requirement of the users by providing the information they need. This forms a relationship and the basis for future or subsequent sale. This would prepare the ground as you customize your PPC campaign.

If you pitch your product too hard, you are more likely to turn away your potential customers and lose the hook. Avoid using pushing strategy with information browsers. Pushing strategy would require you to push your product at them. These browsers need to be coaxed and cajoled into visiting your site and taking a look at what you have to offer.

Through information, you can try getting their email addresses that would allow you to get in touch with them about your deals and offers at a later stage.


Browsers can also come online on search engines in the form of shoppers and buyers.

The strategy to tackle them here would differ from that of mere information browsers, which would require you to customize your PPC campaign. Shoppers are much close to purchase decision than information browsers. Hence, it is more likely that they will earn you a higher conversion rate. These type of browsers search queries like “price”, “best” etc. With them, a sales-pitch would work. Here you can give descriptive information about your product and inform them about the best deals and offers. Most often these browsers search for the best prices and discounts available on certain products. This is where you can grasp an opportunity to convince them to turn into your customers.


On the other hand, buyers are ready to buy. A decision has already been made and they are using search engines for specific models and hence they type in specific keywords.

Therefore, it is required to customize your PPC campaign according to the browsing requirements and keywords bid for. The keywords bid would be specific to different types of browsers and your PPC campaign would differ accordingly.


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