Why You Should Use Twitter Search Algorithm More Often

Twitter Search Algorithm

Twitter has been facing a lot of controversies of late. This even lead to the stepping down of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. However, one feature that has been ignored for long by marketers is the Twitter search algorithm. The search algorithm of Twitter is one of the most used search algorithms with over two billion searches each day.

Twitter search algorithm has become a powerful tool, providing business solutions to every person needing it. Whether asking questions to target audience or find search metrics, this tool provides you with all the necessary information.

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Find questioning people

Social media is a common platform where people gather to find solution to their queries. Twitter allows you to jump into the conversation of other people and even answer on their behalf. You can also create blogs and post them with a vivid description of your views. This greatly helps in creating a huge follower-base and pull in traffic to your site. Interacting with Twitter users also contributes in creating a band of loyal followers.

Searching for contents

Using Twitter Search Algorithm

If you are a budding marketer or a small business owner, you would always tend to follow the industry influencers and gain knowledge and expertise from their blogs. Twitter search algorithm is extremely helpful if you are in the look out for content by the influencers.

Using negative search

At times you may come across posts which are not relevant to your search field or are of business. Obviously, you would tend to block or hide the post. However, in case of Twitter search algorithm you can free yourself from this unnecessary trouble. Twitter search algorithm has a feature of negative search wherein you can ask the social media site to exclude searches which you do not want to see.

Searching for retweets

Twitter search algorithm gives its users an advantage when it comes to searching for retweets. Users can now easily search for past retweets by using an “RT” while making a search query. Posts, however, need not add the characters RT to make it visible to the audience. This will automatically be displayed once it is retweeted.

The search algorithm by Twitter is a rather powerful tool that helps users, marketers as well as search audience. It provides search results that are relevant and important to the users while excluding unwanted and unnecessary tweets.


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