How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Memory Card

Recover Deleted Files

We often go in frenzy when we delete photos unknowingly or by mistake. There may be some files that are of urgent requirement which also get deleted. They are of utmost importance and therefore need to recover deleted files as soon as possible. We become panicky and don’t understand what to do under such circumstances.

But the solution is really simple. All you need is a computer, a card reader, the memory/data card from which you need to recover deleted files and lots of patience.

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Keep in mind that once the files or photos have been accidentally deleted, do not use the data card for any other file storage. Keep the memory card untouched until you recover deleted files from it. No photos should be stored in the card too.

If the above procedures are kept in mind, the following steps will let you easily recover deleted files and photos.

Step 1. Insert the data card into your card reader. Connect the card reader to your PC or Macbook.

Step 2. Once your PC or Macbook detects your data card, select a recovery suite application. Recovery suites are different for different computers. You can choose from an array of software which are easily available online and are free.

You might also have recovery software included in your data card.

Step 3. After you have selected the recovery software of your choice, install and run the setup on your computer. Here we will take the example of Recuva which can run only on Windows computers.

Step 4. Open the program and look for files that you wish to recover. Through Recuvayou can recover both media files as well as doc files. Select the type of files that you want to recover. A list will be displayed on the interface of the various file types. They can be pictures, music, videos, documents or even emails etc.

Step 5. Once you have selected the type of file, search through the My Computer folder list to find your memory card. You can, if needed, go to the origin directory of your data card. This will be displayed on your folder list. It will be in the name of your camera company or the model number of your camera. It can also be displayed as DCIM folder.

Step 6. Select and scan that particular folder. It will display the type of files that you have chosen in Step 4. If you have selected the “All Files” option, scanning would show all the files that are saved in the data card.

Step 7. Select the folder on your computer hard drive where you want the recovered files to be saved. Take care not to save the files in any removable drive.

Keep in mind, this process may or may not show the files you want to recover. It may so happen that the files have permanently been deleted from your data card. If you are unable to recover deleted files even with the Recuva software, you might consider professional help. There are also many data recovery software available in the market. It is up to you what you wish to use to recover deleted files.


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