Best Social Media Groups You Need To Be Member Of

Best Social Media Groups

There are numerous communities found through social networking sites where you find new and old pros to talk to and discuss about matters. These communities are a great value addition to your personality as well as to the business you are in. If you are a PR pro, community manager, marketer of social media or strategist there are likely more chances to come across a sound board. When like-minded professionals gather and discuss upon a particular topic, it leads to an origination of new ideas, a series of questions and answers and sharing of news and tips related to industry. You can be a member of the best social media groups to reach out to more number of people while gaining double knowledge.

However, these communities or groups are hard to find. With a plethora of them available in the social media today, choosing the most appropriate ones and fetching benefit out of them is altogether a different story. Making your task easier, here are some of the best social media groups of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

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Twitter chats

A Twitter social group chat is a chat among the users of Twitter initiated with the help of hash tag (#). The host of the chat posts questions (identified as Q1, Q2 and so on) to participants who are interested in answering them. The chat mostly longs for an hour.


It is one of the best social media groups that conduct chat among the community builders and managers and is held weekly. People have been a part of this chat since 2010 and have grown a lot stronger now.


It is an interesting interaction discussing the latest trends in blogging. It is held on Sundays at 9pm EST.

Facebook chats

Facebook groups are one of the best social media groups and offers the finest way to connect with same type of people. These allow posting pictures, sharing updates and talking to group members on messages. Some that are famous include:

Secret team

Best Social Media Groups To Be Member Of

It is founded by Chris Brogan for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants. It works on three simple rules:
1. You can help others in being successful
2. You can talk freely in ways to improve yourself
3. You should not try to treat your team-mates with jealousy.

Social journalism

It is an easy way to connect with people who are connected with news media. The chat is not recorded and makes you familiar with the latest news.

LinkedIn groups

If you are more inclined towards LinkedIn in social networking sites, here are some groups where you can interact with social media professionals:

Social media today

It is the most famous social group on LinkedIn started in 2008. It facilitates a great conversation between different fields of social media professionals to discuss about latest business tips and trends.

Digital marketing

With more than 6, 90,000 members is a group of digital marketers. One of the best social media groups, it focuses on all topics from online advertising, Pr tips to anything related to digital marketing.

Google+ groups

There are certain communities at Google+ where people are active from years and results in an enlightening conversation.

Google small business community

It is community run by Google with more than 4, 00,000 members. It is a community for small scale business and how they can shine their business online. They share some secrets on related topics and carry out campaigns online where certified advisors are involved.

Social media professionals

This is another of the best social media groups on Google+ and relate to the latest PRT news, discussing latest marketing trends and share news about latest campaigns.

The dilemma lies in the fact that with so many social groups online, how one should choose with one to join. Here are some of tips to resolve your problem:

1. Initially just join 2 to 3 groups.
2. Give about 10 minutes to each group thrice a week, you can initiate in a group by liking and commenting on posts.
3. You should comment and share others’ content more than providing your own stuff. Sharing your own stuff and being too much indulged in any group is not quite helpful to make contacts. However, sharing other people’s stuff can pave your way to become familiar.

While you become a member of the best social media groups discussed above, you can expect to reach to a wider base of followers.


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