Technological Evolution – From Website To Apps

Technological Evolution

Technological Evolution is something that occurred rapidly over the years. It has been particularly significant from the last decade of the 20th century. Technology has turned more sophisticated with each passing day. Every new invention has led to innovation and further invention in every field.

The most significant upgradation has occurred in the world of internet, or the web applications, to be more specific. Web application has evolved radically over the years. While the monitors have changed from big boxes to the sleek LCDs and LEDs, the screen sizes have shrunk to the size of your palms. With the change in the screens and monitors there have also been changes in display patterns.

However, the most notable change has occurred in the user interface. With engineering of new codes and structures along with various software, creation of beautiful and attractive websites is now quite simple.

The structuring of the responsive code was a major milestone in the web industry. With technological evolution came responsive coding. And with the introduction of responsive coding, websites are now easily accessible through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This has also eased the work of designers as they need not create separate versions of the same websites for different devices.

With the internet now highly developed, users now seek quicker and simpler ways for browsing through the websites. This has lead to the structuring of applications commonly termed as apps now. These apps are simpler versions of websites. Websites are heavily loaded with a huge number of complex codes. Unlike those, apps are lighter and much simply coded. This reduces the loading time and makes browsing quicker.

Images form a major and often the heaviest component of a website. However technological evolution has led to the introduction of CSS3, creation of light images with visual effects is now possible. A few lines of CSS can achieve what previously needed long lines of coding.

Technological Evolution


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