Organic Search Surpasses Pay Per Click in Marketing War

Organic Search

Good news people! You might soon be saving up hordes on your PPC expense. How? Well, if researchers are correct, organic search has surpassed paid marketing in the online promotion of businesses according to a recent survey.

According to a survey conducted on various e-commerce sites by MarketLive, it was found that visitor generation and conversion was more through organic searches than through paid search. The data showed that revenue generation through organic search was 27% while through paid search was quite lower at 21%.

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How PPC works

PPC or Pay Per Click is a great mode of online advertisement. This works especially well for small companies or for startups. PPC ads appear separately in the search engine result page. Hence your users can easily distinguish between paid search ad and an organic search ad.

In PPC marketing, you can bid for keywords which are relevant to your business. These keywords will be given priority in the SERP and will be displayed on the first page. This marketing technique also helps in generating greater traffic as your site gets more visibility.

However, visibility will improve only when your site is clicked on. The more the CTR the greater will be your expense on PPC. As you pay with each click, return on investment becomes necessary. It is important that the users, who click on PPC ads, end up as final buyers of a product or service from your website.

How SEO works

Organic Search For SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Marketing. When a user searches with a phrase or keyword, the search engine result page will display website with keywords that matches with the search phrase. The main focus of SEO is to increase the visibility of your site. Visibility can be improved by enhancing page rank. Use of highly relevant keywords too acts as a catalyst to boost your rank in the SERP.

For any site the main focus is to gain the top position in the search engine. With highly relevant keywords, search engine spiders crawl more on your site surpassing your competitors’ sites.

Lead generation this year

A survey conducted by State of Digital Marketing found that an average of 54% of B2B and B2C marketers said that SEO performs better in site promotion and lead generation. This percent is much higher than revenue generated through paid searches like PPC and social media marketing.

As compared to the past few years, the use of SEO in promotion of sites has gone up while PPC use has lowered drastically. However, this evaluation has been drawn based entirely on the gradually lowering PPC of various sites.

Determining the leads generated by organic search is quite a challenge. Revenue earned through SEO is tough to measure. It is mostly evaluated through rise in page ranks and visibility.

Search engines are getting smarter by the day. This has aroused the need for more efficient promotional and marketing strategies. Organic search or SEO will soon dominate the market with intelligent use of keywords, surpassing PPC in online marketing.

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