From Driver To CEO: The Journey Of The Startup


It has been a long and difficult journey for Sharanyan Sharma, the CEO and founder of the startup The digital marketing firm now serves global clients providing e-marketing solutions. The firm which is based in Sri Lanka, boasts of clients that include top travel companies, hosting firms etc.

However, the initial phase of the life of Sharma, was not a smooth road. An engineering drop out, Sharma had to take up the job of a delivery man to sustain himself in the city of Colombo. However, his mind longed to do something of his own. When he was fired from his job, he thought of exploring the digital market of ecommerce. It was then a rising industry and it attracted his attention. With some borrowed capital that he managed to raise from the neighbor, he commenced his business with the

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The first two months were a struggle where the very survival of the firm was at stake. However on the third month, he got his first client, a US based firm. This firm gave him tha task of promoting their articles to different countries throughout the world. The payment made was rather meagre with just $5. Still, it was the dawn of a new beginning for Sharma. In an interview, Sharma said, “when you want to start a business, money cannot be the first concern. It is important, of course, but never the first thing.”

The Startup

The startup was founded in the year 2009 single-handedly by Sharma. After six years the company has expanded. It now has around 65 employees including six employees who are differently abled. Sharma says that he hires people who show the urge to learn and grow. The startup also has hired consultants in China, The Philippines and India. Sharma even plans to expand its firm and set up branches in Mumbai.

The firm has handled over 36000 campaigns on social media, branding and SEO projects. For Sharma, success lies in the attitude of individuals. “It is more about attitude. It is true that I didn’t have much experience, but I was not just thinking of profit or success.” Keeping backup plans is the first priority for running any business.

In the past couple of years, the startup has won many awards and certifications for its excellent performance as an emerging company. The main problem that they face in dealing with offshore clients is the payment hassle that they need to face. These however, is getting simplified with banks and government adapting to the new technology.


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