Most Obvious Reasons For Slow Growth Of Twitter

Slow Growth Of Twitter

Twitter’s growth rate has plunged and the increase in user base is rather slow. According to Business Insider, the rate of growth has been at a rate of around 20% yearly which is quite low if compared to other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. The slow growth of Twitter has been blamed on a number of factors which has brought the once leading social site into disparity.

The stocks of Twitter has dropped by 18% which has heavily impacted the social media. Investors are hoping against hope that Twitter would come up with something new that would be a life changing one for Twitter, its investors as well as the users. However, till now, apart from the stepping down of Dick Costolo, no radical change has taken place. The slow growth of Twitter has become a topic of discussion among investors and marketers. Twitter has been luring in marketers to promote product-ads on Twitter. Twitter recently also entered a pact with Google wherein during search Twitter’s ads will be frequently displayed in the search engine results page.

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With Twitter firehose, marketers too will have a higher level of information regarding users thus being able to make more ads relevant to the audience. The firehose information would also help promote the ads to the right audience at the right time thus increasing the chances of sales.

The slow growth of Twitter thus has can be accounted to the social networks working on these and many other new and innovative ideas to make itself more user-friendly. The most recent change that Twitter implemented is increasing the character limit of direct message from 140 characters to 1000 characters. However, the charater-limit for Tweets remains the same as before. This has been, however, the first step for Twitter to implement a change in years. With the expectation that these might increase the user-base, Twitter is also lining up marketers to promote their product ads in the social media site. It plans to monetize heavily through the implementing marketing as a major source of income for the site.

However, it still remains in the backdrop to make any major changes in the user metrics.



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