A Closer View On Microsoft Cortana – What It Offers You

Microsoft Cortana

Smartphones that are being extensively used now-a-days run on various platforms that use a specific digital assistant. Microsoft Cortana is used for windows phones while iOS phones have Siri and Android phones have Android digital assistant. Each of these digital assistants has their pros and cons.

Microsoft Cortana that is creating a buzz in the technical world is ready for release across various platforms. Cortana that was designed incorporating the best features of other popular digital assistants and some additional features is being the considered best in the market for windows phones.

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Under the project named Einstein, advancements are being made to the app to make it fit for iOS and Android devices. This article discusses the features of Cortana that are beneficial for users in their daily life and how it makes the app best for Android and iOS devices.

Takes user preferences rather than making assumptions

Unlike other applications Cortana makes the user work a little but this little extra work makes the user get the best out of the app. For example, Google digital assistant that works automatically rarely picks up itineraries that are messaged to you and tracks those flights. But, Cortana asks the user details of the flight that are to be tracked. Microsoft Cortana accomplishes this feature by using GPS tracking system. Similarly, Google digital assistant fits only Gmail but Cortana works with all major mail services excluding Yahoo.

Allows users request for follow-ups

The best feature of Microsoft Cortana is once the user obtains answer for a particular question he can pose follow up questions and get the answer sorted out quickly, whereas other apps treat each question as a new query. For example, if the user requests list of Chinese restaurants and then asks to sort out the best restaurants then the app lists only those restaurants that have a four star rating.

Offers multiple ways to organize reminders

Microsoft Cortana Features

Cortana lets the user organize various events by setting reminders at appropriate times along with location. This feature helps the user get a reminder of the event when he/she reaches that particular location. For example, upon reaching the bank the user can obtain a reminder to make a deposit. A unique feature of Microsoft Cortana is it even allows setting reminders based on people. For example, if a friend of yours got a new job then setting a reminder would let the app remind you of the same when you call or text your friend next time.

Other unique features that are observed in Microsoft Cortana include complete assimilation into phone contacts, knowing the user preferences, reading and understanding of emails, complete integration with Bing, blocking of texts, notifications and calls as per user preferences, organizing appointments using voice,   and identification of songs. iOS and Android phones use different applications such as SoundHound for sound recognition. Its novel features such as the ability to read and understand emails and know the time and location of the user are not observed in the existing iOS and Android apps making it superior and advanced.

Microsoft is working hard to incorporate novel artificial intelligence into Cortana and make it available for the iOS and Android users. Microsoft Cortana is expected to do its best on other platforms too similar to other apps launched by Microsoft. To withstand tough competition from Apple and Google, it is very important for Microsoft to release its latest version of Cortana at the earliest before the release of Apple Watch and Google’s latest mobile app that is capable of offering proper contextual data based on user interests.


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