Importance Of Brand Positioning In Ecommerce

Brand Positioning

Carving out a niche in the market is something which brands struggle to achieve. And brand positioning is the art that helps in etching out your brand in the minds of your target audience.

Brand positioning can be considered as being a part of marketing your brand to the customers. This, however, includes a vast section of marketing itself. Elements like pricing, distribution and even competition highly depend on brand positioning.

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The main purpose of brand positioning is to arouse the need and desire of your product in the minds of your target audience. This, to a great extent, depends on consumer perception. But this can also be influenced by different promotional techniques. Still, your audience constitutes the ultimate number of users of your brand. Hence, positioning of brands should be done in such a way that is believable to your audience.

Brand positioning plays a significant role in ecommerce. Ecommerce deals with a massive volume of products. This makes marking out a singular brand from the huge bulk quite tough especially if your brand is not a renowned one. Positioning of brands paves the way for your brand carving out a niche in the minds of the consumers.

Product value

The value of your product from utility and usability perspective is something that every consumer looks forward to. If your product does not match the needs and requirements of your brand, your brand positioning will not be effective even if you promote it heavily.

The product that you promote should match the requirement of your target audience. Only then you can expect a successful conversion.


The uniqueness of your product creates a significant brand identity for your product. It is the exclusivity of your product that helps your customers to identify it.

Better Brand Positioning

Uniqueness of product forms the stepping stone while strategizing brand positioning. It mainly aims to differentiate your product from that of your competitors.

In ecommerce, product exclusivity forms a crucial feature. With the bulk volume of products, an exclusive product is bound to capture the attention of users. Try highlighting your story and the business objective or marketing philosophy through your product.

Customize branding rules

Promotion and marketing is a challenging game for which you need to know the correct fundamentals. If you are adept in the key tricks of branding, you can go on creating your own branding rules.

Customizing branding rules is a risky venture. It employs unconventional techniques and methods of marketing your brand to popularize the unique brand vision. If done properly, you can highly benefit from it making your product the talk of the town.

Personalize customer experience

Personalization of customer experience gives your brand an exclusive touch. This is hard to ignore and hence it forms an important aspect of brand positioning.

Personalization helps in bridging the gap between your business and the customers. It brings customer close to you thereby creating in your audience a sense of trust on your product.

Ecommerce is a booming segment, and different brands are now aggressively promoting their products online. With the huge number of products promoting simultaneously, there is high chance that your product may be lost.

Proper brand positioning helps in increasing your product visibility to the relevant audience by promoting it at the right time.


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