Flipkart Turning App Only From September

Flipkart Turning App Only

Flipkart announced recently that it will soon become app only. Flipkart, India’s largest online ecommerce store, said that it will be available only on apps from the month of September. Flipkart turning app only seems that it is following the footsteps of Myntra, a site owned by Flipkart, which turned app only just a couple of months back.

However, the announcement has given a huge rise to a controversy whether Flipkart turning app only will be able to run as smoothly as it becomes mobile-only. Flipkart plans to eliminate its desktop website version entirely. The step taken by Flipkart to become app only came as a rude shock to the users who will now lose the comfort of surfing the ecommerce site from desktop.

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The transition from website and mobile-first site to just mobile app is a huge step towards future. After Myntra became app only, it was announced that desktops and laptops will, in near future, be replaced by mobiles. Thus mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will be the main digital interface in the future. This was one prime reason for Flipkart turning app only.

Flipkart Turning App Only From September

Smartphones and tablets has made a major impact in the life of users. So much so that almost 30% of the internet using population browse the internet exclusively from their mobile devices. However, it is still early to predict that mobile devices will replace desktops and laptops.
India has an increasing population of internet users. The number of smartphone users too have gone up considerably. However, the number of desktop users still remains the highest for internet browsing and online shopping.

The number of online shoppers in India is quite low as compared to the leading online markets like UK, USA etc. However, it has been rising at a great speed with around 6 million users adding to the online market each month. This statistics has lead to the ecommerce giant’s plan to shift to mobile only version.

However, the Indian market is not yet ready to move from website to app only. The slow internet connectivity and absence of mobile internet facilities throughout is one major drawback for Flipkart turning app only feature.

Its still unsure as to what will come and how far users would perceive and accept the app only feature for their online shopping solutions.


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