Cross Device Advertising: Top Priority Of Marketers Today

Cross Device Advertising

Laptops, smartphones and tablets are next only to household items in importance these days. Cross device marketing is something that is quite popular now, thanks to the bounteous gift of technology. The process allows users to access the required information from all kinds of devices. Cross-device advertising is one of the techniques that are used by the marketers to track the same internet users accessing from a different device.

Cross device advertising technique identifies the person using the smartphone X is the same person who uses tablet Y and laptop Z after which it allows the brands to re-target that person accordingly. Retargeting is a bit impossible task that becomes a challenge for marketers and business people. Retargeting occurs when a brand serves an advertisement to consumers when they are browsing elsewhere. But now, it has become easy with the help of cookies (log files stored on the client side). Consumers use multiple platforms when they move from device to device for accessing the information.

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The marketers may not expect the consumers accessing from same device which is highly impossible. Therefore, the interaction styles of these consumers change with different devices – mobile, laptops, tablets. However, cross device advertising is complicated. It should be efficiently used by the marketing people to catch the customers in track. As the technology improves, it has also been a criterion for the marketers to master in the field of cross device advertising. It is estimated that of all the digital users, smartphone and tablet users are rapidly increasing. Media buyers have seen increased effectiveness with cross-device campaigns. As a result, cross-device advertising now represents 1/3rd of the media-spend.

Cross Device Advertising Tips

In the point of view of marketers, benefits of the cross device advertising:

  • Optimize the performance of the entire media budget.
  • Expand the reach of campaigns.
  • More cost-efficient.
  • Retarget the same user across the devices.
  • Extend successful display-audience into mobile.
  • Streamline the media buying process.

Challenges faced by the marketing people:

  • Tracking and reporting complexity.
  • Methodologies for connecting device lack credibility.
  • Mobile online and tablet are managed as separate budgets.
  • Lack of single point of contact.
  • Difficult to hit the specific group of audience using cross device advertising.
  • Too many privacy issues involved.

Expectations of marketers by cross device advertising:

  • Reach across all screens.
  • Return of advertising investment.
  • Impact on brand lift in combination across multiple devices.
  • Impact on sales in combination across multiple devices
  • Performace by device.
  • Performance in combination across multiple screens.
  • Path to conversion.
  • Impact on offline response and/or retail traffic.
  • GRPs across all screens.

As we see, cross device advertising is gaining new scores everyday with its high success probability.

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