Uber’s New Pickup Location Suggestion

Uber's New Pickup Location

Your next Uber ride might be easier for you to locate. Thanks to a new software that Uber plans to install in its app. According to Techcrunch, that first gave this news, the app is being tested by the cab-sharing app startup to improve its pickup location. The app plans to include a suggestion point in Uber’s new pickup location for the clients. This is being done targeting better customer service by the company.

A common problem that all Uber users face is to roam around a place in search of the cab once the app says it has arrived. With Uber’s new pickup location suggestion app, locating and finding your cab will be much easier.

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Uber's New Pickup Location App

However, this feature is still in the beta stage at present. However, the cab app plans to introduce it soon.

Uber has already entered the world market with its services throughout the globe. Recently it added seven new cities in India taking Uber services to the next level. India stands second in the world for using Uber car services. However, with this app, Uber fleets might increase.


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