The History Of The Quora Social Network

Quora Social Network

We humans usually love to ask questions and seek answers. Imagine a website where you can seek answers to all the questions running in your mind. This is exactly what the Quora social network does! Quora is a question-and-answer website wherein registered users can ask questions, answer them and even edit posts. The website is categorized topic-wise and is easy to navigate. Some of the popular topics in Quora include technology, travel and local area topics. There are also separate Quora pages for users depending on their geography where questions related to their country are posted.

Quora was started in the year 2009 by two former employees of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. The Quora social network grew gradually over the years with 5, 00,000 registered users in 2011. The website also went for a major redesign in 2011 to make it easier for users to navigate and discover information easier.

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That is not all! The Quora official iPhone App was launched in 2011 and the Android App in 2012. In the year 2012, one of its co-founders Charlie Cheever stepped back and moved to an advisory role. 2013 saw Quora launch its blogging platform for users to connect over blogs. A very interesting feature of Quora called Stats was also unveiled that helps users to view how their posts are doing and followed them.

How does the Quora social network function?

So how exactly does Quora work? Well, you might want to post this in Quora itself to seek an answer. However, to make it easier for you, let us answer it right away!  For the back-end, Quora uses the comet technologies and the Pylons. The operating system is Ubuntu Linux and MySQL is its database.

History Of Quora Social Network

The highly skilled core team of Quora has developed their own algorithm to rank the answers which is close to how the PageRank works. To keep the users engaged, a little bit of Gamification concept has also been introduced wherein a user gets credit points for a quality answer that they provide. The user can then use this to seek answers from experts for their questions. Repeated questions are, however, avoided.

Is Quora trustworthy?

One might wonder how they would get trustworthy answers to some of their questions. Here is when experts and people with good credentials come into the picture. Each user can provide a short bio on why they are qualified enough to write about a particular topic. Also, there is the concept of voting for answers in the Quora social network wherein users can vote if the answer to the question has been up to the mark.

These help the user to select the best possible answer from the ones received. Also, another differentiating factor of Quora from its competitors like Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers is that the users have to provide their real names to ask as well as answer questions. This helps in building a high quality database with a lot of credibility.

Quora – A startup with a difference

Like any other startup, Quora had a small setup and then grew up in large numbers. It received its funding from TigerGlobal and has been valued at $900 million. Very soon, one can also see ads on the Quora website. The interface of the Quora social network needs a special mention. It is easy to use and is similar to Facebook. This makes it easy for people from all the age groups to access.

The Quora social network has proved itself to be a startup with a difference within a short span of time and the number of users registering at Quora is increasing at a fast pace. Its competitors need to watch out and chalk out on a strategy to stay at the top. Quora is catching up really fast!


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