How To Create Content Strategy Using Social Media Audit

Create Content Strategy Using Social Media Audit

Social media is the best way to promote your content. But to make a mark in social media you will have to develop a social media content strategy which is better than that of your competitors. So where do you start from? At first you need to make sure that you create content that is engaging and interesting , for that you will have to create content strategy using social media audit.

Here’s how you can perform a social media audit to create content strategy for social media that will crush your competitors:

Who are your competitors– If you do not already know who your competitors are then simply search for them in SEMrush. All you have to do is search for your site and SEMrush will come up with a list of related providers. They provide keyword research and online competitor’s analysis that will help you understand your competition on the basis of number of keywords the sites rank for in Google. Once you find that out your nest step is to check out their activity in social media channels and add them to your competitors list, make sure to check out which types of content are generating more buzz and try to create something similar for your website.

Use Total Social Metrics– this is another powerful tool for conducting social audits. Just for $30 you will be allowed to track two competitors along with your site and with the medium account for $100 a month you will get to track up to nine competitors along with your site.

Once you sign in you can start off by adding tour own site by clicking on settings>click on to account and create new account>click on connect Twitter. Now you will be asked to authorize app and give True Social Metrics access to your profile. You need not worry as it won’t tamper with your Twitter profile. You can apply similar steps to target Facebook, G+ and every other social media that you wish to target

To create your account and to add your competitor, you have to do the following:

After signing in go to the settings page, then to account section and create an account for your competitor’s data. Once you have created the account you will be redirected to the metrics page where you can also check out the overview of the accounts social activity. Then add your competitor’s social media page in that new account. Now go to your competitor’s page and select competitors account. You can select up to five competitors.

You must export all the charts and aggregate the data into a single spreadsheet. However, you will have to do it manually. By looking at the data in the spreadsheet you can evaluate the social media performance of your site and compare it with that of your competitors.

Find out the most successful content shared across social profiles– You can find this out at Total Social Metrics itself. Just click on analytics, select your social profile and sort descending by comments, shares and favorites. Now take a good look at the data and see what works amongst your audience. Now make that the base of your content strategy. Usually in Facebook humor works best and in G+ infographics do, but that is a rough estimate and industry dependent.

Audience engagement– Apart from the content you need to look at the audience engagement as well.  For that you have to check out audience analysis for each social profile. If you are looking at G+ profile then you will be provided with a list that will suggest you people to add to your G+ circle. You need to interact with their content so that they find you interesting and return the favor.

Discover the most shared blog content-you can analyze the success of blog content by discovering the most shared blog content, just do an ascending sort , with that you will be able to see which posts that are generating most engagement, this will help you identify topics that people aren’t interested which will help you avoid that sort of content.

Research competitors strategy– it wouldn’t be a smart move to limit your research to True Social Metrics. You need to visit your competitors profile to check their strategy behind their social content like the ratio of original to curate content, most shared and engaging content etc.

Prepare an opportunity and gap analysis report– you can summarize all your analysis into this report. Try to focus where your competitors are failing and concentrate on those areas to get ahead.

Once you have discovered all the data you can use them to create your social marketing strategy .You must set target goals based on the benchmarks established by your competitive research. Once you convert your plans into action you must regularly perform the audit to modify and accommodate the changes.


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