How Has Responsive Redesign Helped MTV Score More Traffic

Responsive Redesign

Your appearance goes a good length to tell your personality. Your website is no different! Attracting the attention of the user is the main motivation for any website. The commercial websites are developed in the motivation that they should attract users. So, the importance is given to the design. The websites are developed such that they should look good on all browsers. The design should also be presentable and viewable on tablets and mobile devices. The number of look good organizations is good enough on board. In the article below we will look at how responsive redesign has helped MTV in scoring more traffic.

Responsive design is a mix of fluid layouts and grids, with flexible images along with the effective use of CSS media queries. There are few sites dedicated in responsive grids, CSS Grid, and in skeleton and simple grid. Responsive design is aimed at giving the optimal view experience, which comes with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices. MTV has redesigned some of its aspects with responsive design for the tremendous results. As an effect it has its own mobile traffic and social referrals.

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Responsive redesign on MTV’s show pages results:

92% increase in mobile visits.

55% increase in mobile page views per visit.

297% increase in time spent per visit.

246%increase in social referrals.

11% drop in exit rates.

The view of the site in tablets and desktops were also more alike in terms of user behaviour than mobile and tablet, particularly in regard of video viewing.

Responsive redesign of MTV Newspage Results

565% increase in social regerrals

151% increase insite visits

137% increase in time spent on site.

Responsive Redesign Ideas

Responsive Redesign has transformed MTV’s editorial products and results in the increase in the social referrals. MTV has gained the traffic because of the user-friendly design. To create a great impact on products, MTV worked in responsive redesign that helps them to develop the traffic.

Most time is spent on social feeds. The social referrals are strong indicators that responsive web design helped the team morph their editorial products from the search to a social experience. They are currently planning to invest the responsive redesign technique in the digital properties.

Why responsive redesign

They are adaptive and responsive.

As the number of device, platforms and browsers that need to work with the site grows, it is also important to develop the website.

Compared to the simple responsive designing, developing responsive redesign with server-side components approach can provide a user experience that is better optimized for mobile devices.

Browsers of the basic mobile phones do not understand JavaScript or media queries, so a recommended practice is to create a basic website and enhance it for smartphones and PCs rather than graceful degradation to make a complex. This technique is used by MTV in developing the score on traffic.


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