Major Mistakes Committed While Developing A DIY Website

Developing A DIY Website

Who would believe you when you told them you have a business run in an area of about half a square foot of space and your customers are not limited by the geographical boundaries. They would tell that you are nursing a hallucination or sitting on a fancy dream. But it is true! Today every young thriving entrepreneur has managed to start a business and been able to market his wares to the world. How? Simply, by developing a DIY website with the internet in tow.

You woke up with a path breaking business idea, got it all figured out, but the lack of seed money brought you to build your own website. Why not? It is quite easy. Yes it actually is, with the regular updates of various features developing a DIY website had never been easier. However, often entrepreneurs in a zeal of developing a website often overdo things resulting in a not so good website. Why such mistakes occur you ask?

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Here’s why!

You overlooked your target audience

When that perfect idea hit, it was like you were struck by lightning, it got you all jumping over with the new found zest and zeal to make it big. In the view to go there, you forgot to do basic research of who you are targeting which is crucial while developing a DIY website.

You just put too much up

Offering too many features on the home page is bad recipe for developing a DIY website. Remember how the news channels make you feel when you are watching the headlines and all sorts of panels and type ups are running all over the screen. Annoying isn’t it? The same it the case with an overstuffed homepage.

Mistakes While Developing A DIY Website

Yes we get it; you want to go up the search ladder

Another grave mistake that web designers make while developing a DIY website is stuff up their content with keywords. This is done to get spotted by Google. If you are good, Google WILL find you. Avoid using black hat SEO techniques just for the sake of gaining ranks.

How do we get to you?

So you hit the right spot and managed to capture the attention of your audience, now they want to get in touch with you. How do they do that? Can’t find your contact information anywhere. One of the mistakes web designers make is hide their contact information deep in the web page while developing a DIY website. Your viewers do not have the entire day to keep searching for your contact.

First impression is the last impression

This is true to an extent, but don’t focus so much on aesthetics that you miss out on your target altogether. Remember why you have created the website in the first place. Keep simple, beautiful but simple.

Empty promises

When you start a business, it is hard to gain trust and loyalty of the customers, especially when you are competing against known and established brands. Don’t make empty promises you can’t fulfil. Your audience does not lack a brain. If you have claimed something while you were on your webpage make sure that you stand by it a 100%.

Ignoring smartphone users

A lot of people these days access internet through smartphones, on the go. So if your website is not compatible with the phone, you have just here lost a large part of viewership. Make sure that your website is responsive while developing a DIY website. This will enable mobile users to access your site as well.

Website designing with dime a dozen tutorials available online for free has become rather simple now. But it is just as easy to overlook the very basic details. If you have that in your bag, you are in business. If you don’t, professionals as always there for your rescue. Live and thriving.


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