Nine Ways To Improve Your Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability

Did you ever find any of your letters gone missing by the postal office? They weren’t that often happening I believe, even though the misplaced mail can be anything from a normal letter to a cheque but it is important on an emotional otherwise monetary level. Such is the case when it comes to email deliverability.

Emails are important too, and yes they are misplaced in the internet too. Quite a lot! Yes, you heard that right, every 6th email is lost in the huge world of internet, never to see the daylight again. If you think I am exaggerating and making you scared, believe me and Google such stuff. But if you believe me, I’ll help you from this problem, just because you trust me. One thing you need to check out here is email deliverability.

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Here are the various techniques that will improve your email deliverability and improve the chances of your email getting selected as a lucky one (Just kidding! They are traps to loot you BTW):

1. Double opt-in is the new ‘in’

Yes, choose double opt-in function. This function allows you to register members to the website only after they receive a confirmation email with the link which confirms their registration. This process allows email deliverability to grow and also the open-click-rate from these subscribers are on the rise. Double opt-in is way better than single opt-in which have low open and click frequency and also a small delivery rate.

2. Clean out hard bounces

Hard bounce is when an email is sent to an address that no longer exists. Major ISP keep tracks of these bounces and as precautionary measure suppress the outgoing if too many hard bounces are being encountered. Hence keep an updated email list and clean heard bounces.

3. Overmail is wastage

Overmailing doesn’t help in increasing the count of hits and hence is a waste of resource. Overmailing might lead to irritation and be dealt as spam, hence, avoid overmailing. Overmailing can be 5 mails or 2. So be safe and decide a base limit on the number of emails per day.

4. Spam-trap hopping

Successful Email Deliverability

Spamtraps are the email ids that have not been used and are taken over by anti-spamming organizations or by ISP to prevent spams. If your email hosts any of the spam traps there can be significant drop in the overall delivery rate of your emails. Hence keep an updated spam trap list with you and clear out any hard and soft bounce.

5. Use to send

Using a business user id helps in recognition and also in delivery of the email. Recognizable content is rarely blocked and hence use it. It’s a brand after-all!

6. Crystal clear subject lines

Most of the spam features in any ISP are filtered over the subject line. Also keep the subject line crisp so that the user understands the gravity of the email.

7. Don’t use attachments

Never use attachments to mail which is going to get you subscribers. It might be treated as a malicious attachment and result in the loss of clicks. This should be checked out in order to ensure successful email deliverability.

8. Coding is a NO

Don’t use coding languages such as PHP, C, Java, JavaScript etc. Always follow the KISS protocol. What’s that? It’s Keep It Simple, Silly.

9. >40KB messages

Not to be followed strictly but, smaller messages have a greater delivery chance and hence is used. This means taking extra effort to trim the size, but it’s worth it. This is an important criterion for email deliverability.

In fact, email deliverability can work wonders to your business and webpage if taken seriously. Half of the revenue is lost due to inability to reach proper medium and hence results in business loss. Avoid this and prosper.


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