What Are The Best Ways To Root An Android Device?

What Are The Best Ways To Root An Android Device?.

Root An Android Device

Android is a versatile and easily customizable operating system. You will be surprised to learn how much you can achieve by rooting your Android device. Rooting is a process that helps the Android device users to alter and run specialized apps that otherwise requires administrator level permission. With a few simple steps you can accomplish a lot more on your smartphone. When you root an Android device you will get several advantages:


Install disapproved (by Google) apps: Sometimes you might require an app that has been disapproved by Google Play Store. Now you can install these apps by rooting your device. You can go beyond the limitations set by Google to download the app you require.

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Block ads from apps: The free apps that you install from play store, come with ads that interrupt you in operating it. By rooting your device, you can brush aside these ads from the apps.

Pre-installed malware: Root an Android device and your smartphone will be free of all the pre-installed malwares. It will free your smartphone from the unnecessary apps that run in the background, and result in loss of battery.

After learning the advantages you must be wondering how to actually root your device. Here are few simple steps that will help you in the process:

How To Root An Android Device

Step 1: You will have to download and install the Kingo Android Root at the first step.

Step 2: Enable the debugging mode on your phone. If you are using a smartphone with Android 4.0 or 4.1, then you can go to the settings, tap on the developer option, and enable the debugging mode by tapping on the USB debugging.

But if you are using Android 4.3, tap on settings> about phone> scroll down to build number> tap it seven times until you see a message “you are now a developer!”

Step 3: Now you have to run Android Root on your PC and connect it with your smartphone via a USB cable. After you type this you will get a page that gives you a Root button option.

Step 4: Click the Root button and wait for it to work automatically. If you want to reverse the process then you have to run Android Root again, connect your phone with the PC and then tap on Remove Root. You are all done.


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