The Best Facebook Ad Tools Marketers Can Use

The Best Facebook Ad Tools Marketers Can Use.

Best Facebook Ad Tools

Promotion and advertising on Facebook has become a common feature for online businesses. However, most marketers are still unaware of the huge benefits that proper usage of Facebook ad tools provide. This results in marketers keeping a major section of audience unattended. In this article today, we will discuss some of the best Facebook ad tools available to us.

The best Facebook ad tools can help marketers increase audience and reduce expenses on promotional ad campaigns. With the use of these tools, marketers can save on time and capital while increasing its audience. This would eventually result in increased conversion and higher ROI in business.

Power Editor

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One of the best Facebook ad tools, Power Editor allows you to manage a huge number of promotional ads from one single dashboard. You can also create a number of new facebook ads easily with this tool. This tool provides marketers with a wide range of functionality. Though this plugin is not quite user friendly, once you get to know how to work with this tool, this would be one of the best tools to serve your ad needs.

Custom Audience

Five Best Facebook Ad Tools

If you have an existing list of customers whom you would like to notify through new advertisements, this Facebook ad tool is a great one to use. With this tool you can send promotional ads to a list of audience to their phones, email addresses or Facebook accounts.
If a marketer is successfully able to execute the Custom Audience tool, this can reap huge benefit for the marketer and increased exposure of his site in the social network.

Ads Manager App

With mobile devices playing a huge role in the promotion of ads, an app has been created that can help marketers manage their Facebook ads through their mobile devices. The mobile app was launched in 2014 and features few cool functionalities. Marketers can now track the performance of ads, edit budgets, schedule posts and receive notification all from your mobile device.

However, this app is best suited for small to mid level marketers as this app can work on a small ad base. Currently, this app is available for iOS only, but a version for Android would be launching soon.


Insights and analytical reports play a major role in deciding the type and style of promotional ads. And this Facebook ad tool is a perfect one for gathering insights. This tool allows marketers to auto rotate ads and also schedule promotional ads. This tool also provides the option of A/B testing your ads. You would also be provided with a combination of texts and images to create a couple of great performing ads.

This tool, however, is a paid one.

These are few among the best Facebook ad tools that are available online. If you are a planning to promote your business on Facebook, these tools would be mighty helpful in easing your work and your promotional campaign.


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