New Logo Design By Spotify: A Disaster

New Logo Design By Spotify

Change is always good. However, sometimes it need not work in one’s favor. That is exactly what happened to ‘Spotify’ when it changed its logo color from pea green to neon green. The moment the users saw the new logo design by Spotify, many of them started tweeting about the change and had several complaints and cribs posted in Twitter. The neon green color is similar to the battery charging icon on the phone and resulted in confusion for many.

In fact the outrage to this change was so massive that it was one of the ‘trending’ topics on Twitter. Some users have already considered deleting the app due to the poor visual look and appeal of the new logo color and have termed it a disturbance. Some of them have also termed the new logo design by Spotify as the not very sober shade of green!

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Not a welcome change!

Little did users know what they were in for when they updated the app recently. The color change in the logo could definitely not be missed. The reason for this bold move of creating a new logo design by Spotify, however, could not be known. The company is already under tremendous pressure whenApple recently announced its music service at the same cost per month.

It could also be a move to overcome the competition but it did not definitely work in the company’s favor. It has been said that over 100 creative designers worked on this new logo design by Spotify which was termed as a ‘crucial’ change for the company. According to one of the executives, the new color change was necessary to be consistent over a number of devices.

Disastrous New Logo Design By Spotify

Also, with the growing cut throat competition, it was necessary to outperform the competitors with a much needed makeover. However, little did the company know that it would backfire its strategy and agonize people in the social media. Critics also say that the update brought in by Spotify should have brought in a whole range of benefit for the users rather than just a color change! However, there is also some sunny side up to this color change as some users really seemed to have liked it and feel it is a welcome change and makes the app brighter and adds more color to it.

Spotify – A classic case!

This new logo design by Spotify has become a classic case by itself and many companies should in fact take a clue from this fiasco. Even a minor change in the look and feel of an app can have either a positive or a negative impact of the brand. With growing number of users in Twitter and Facebook, people do not hesitate to speak in open about their favorite brands and the latest news.

What Spotify could have done would be to have run down a poll or likewise to seek feedback from its users and then bring in such a massive change. The damage is anyways all done now. Let us wait and watch what the company does to make up for its tarnished brand image. Spotify team however has a different story as they claim everybody loved it.

Spotify definitely has something to learn from this logo change. With multiple posts on Twitter and Facebook, the company might need to do some damage control. This disaster of new logo design by Spotify would make the company cautious in its move going forward. Let us wait for the good things to come from the company in the near future!


Checklist To Create A Failsafe SEO Campaign

Failsafe SEO Campaign

Creating and running an SEO campaign is a long term task. Success in SEO is achieved at long intervals. Most webmasters tend to create SEO campaigns that fail in the long run. This is mostly because the difference between the budget employed and the target set is huge. Thus it is necessary for web masters to frame out a checklist to create a failsafe SEO campaign.

When you create a checklist, you should understand each and every element of the checklist. Have a clear idea of every element and how you would work on each of them to improve your SEO and make failsafe SEO campaign. Following these 4 elements strategically would ensure that you are on the correct path for online promotion.

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Achievable goals

Pay heed to the targets that you set as a webmaster. Ensure that those are high but achievable. Unrealistic goals that are impossible to reach do not act as any motivational factor. It instead tends to demotivate you to achieve the one that you actually can. Growth is desirable by all. However, break up your growth process in multiple segments. This is an easier way to achieve your goals. Set your targets at a gradually increasing level. With each passing level, set your next target at a higher place than the one before.

Gradual growth is more likeable and is favoured by most webmasters.

A good budget backup

Online promotion is not always for free. To make your product or website link appear in the search engine you might have to resort to PPC ads. These ad campaigns tend to suck in a huge amount of your marketing budget. Thus ensure that you have a good budget that would cushion your paid ad campaigns. Consult with your SEO analystto create a basic paid ad campaign budget. The highly competitive market requires you to have a good backup budget, as promotional campaigns may sometimes prove to be costly affair.

Checklist For Failsafe SEO Campaign

A failsafe SEO campaign can turn to be a costly affair burning holes in your pocket and failing to meet your targets.

Target traffic

Before you begin a failsafe SEO campaign, it is important that you mark out your target audience. Selecting you target audience can help you create a failsafe SEO campaign. Once you have a chosen segment of audience, you can monitor their likes and desires, needs and desires. Their activities reveal a lot about what the audience want and which products would be relevant to them.

Once you are able to pull in traffic and create a band of loyal followers, you can then easily boost your SEO.

The audience that you bring in through paid and organic search are mostly convertible. Thus in turn your ROI boosts too.

Data monitoring

Tracking and monitoring of various data is important for the growth of your company. Monitoring data can provide a webmaster with useful information about the website and its various workings. Metrics like click through rates, cost per click, click bid, visitors time spend, etc. are important factors for a site’s SEO. These are some of the major factors that affect the visibility of a site. You can easily make a change or shift in your campaign to improve its performance. Analysing the data collectively helps you understand the performance of a particluar campaign. It is also easier to compare different campaign compositions to check which one works the best among them.

Control A PC Or Mac From Anywhere Using An Android Device

Control A PC Or Mac From Anywhere

Google updated its long list of products by adding Chrome Remote Desktop app to the Chrome web store along with its Android counterpart in the Google Play store. The two work together allowing Android users to control a PC or Mac from anywhere by remotely connecting with them.

Setup & install process to control a PC or Mac from anywhere:

The process is so simple that it will hardly take 5 minutes of your time to set it up even if you are not very technically sound. You need to begin by visiting the Chrome Web Store and installing the Remote Chrome Desktop app on your computer.

While installing, number of pop up messages and options will appear before you whom you can go through and select as per your needs and requirements. Make sure you install the additional software that comes along as well.

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Once everything is done two options will open up in front of you: one, to allow remote assistance (used mainly for troubleshooting someone else’s computer) and second, to access own computers (mainly for personal use). You will need to select the latter option which will then ask for a PIN. Since the PIN is primarily for security reasons, you will have to provide it every time you connect your PC to the Android device.

The Final Touch:

Once you are done with your desktop, the final piece of the puzzle lies in downloading and installing the Android version of the app from Google Play Store. Sign in to the same Google account from both the devices, and the app will automatically display all the controllable computers. All you need to do now is select the computer you wish to connect remotely and enter the security PIN. Your Android device is now connected to your desktop and you can control A PC or Mac from anywhere now.

Five Outstanding Website Content Types To Draw In Traffic

Outstanding Website Content Types

When we talk of content we generally think of the monochromatic texts that we see on the websites and blogs. But the concept of content runs much deeper. It not only includes all the scribbled-in text and blog posts but also comprises of images, multimedia, videos, audio clips, texts and even infographics. One of the outstanding website content types should be the one that is an amalgam of a number of features of contents.

Online marketers often struggle to craft a website that is engaging and compelling enough. However, just a great homepage design, or a stunning jQuery effect is not enough to attract visitors to a site. It should be remembered that contents of a web page is the most vital component of a site. This is what keeps the visitors engaged to the site and compels them to take an action. Contents are of varied types and each type contribute differently in making a webpage interesting. Below are few outstanding website content types that marketers often use to make their websites more interesting.

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The how-to types

These type of contents are the most widespread in the online market especially on B2B websites. These contents provide useful information on various subjects, often demonstrating the utility of a particular product or service. These contents generally deal with varied kinds of problems that people can face in their day-to-day lives and offer simple solution to these problems. Using diagrams and charts would make it more attractive.

Using how-to contents to pull in traffic is a great idea. However, you need to keep in mind that the solution you offer should be closely related to your online business. This will increase your chances of conversion.

The infographics

One of the most attractive and outstanding website content types that tend to pull in a huge number of visitors are infographics. These are visual presentation of data, stats and information in a graphic format. Infographics are generally boldly designed contents that highlight the chief points. Graphic designers tend to use bright colors to make it more attention-grabbing. A study made by says that infographics tend to get higher number of visitors and more shares than an ordinary blog post.

Five Outstanding Website Content Types

Infographics are best to present any form of data or research study. However, if your content is more of descriptive type, infographics should better be avoided.

The memes

Not the first choice for an formal site, memes still are making their way into the mainstream market. Memes are easy to make and tend to go viral quite fast. The humour and sarcasm adds to the potency of the memes making it one outstanding website content types to be used.

However, these cannot be used by all who wish to post contents to pull in traffic. Memes in blogs are a strict no-no. Marketers can use these in social sites like Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc. to increase its virality.

Memes are low-value content. Thus make sure to use them moderately in your promotional strategies.


Of the most outstanding website content type, videos are the most generic form of content. This type of content is widely used for the promotion of all kinds of products. Videos are of many kinds. However, each serves the same purpose of attracting customers or providing information about a product. Videos can be on how-to projects, music-video or an informational documentary.

Keep your videos short and interesting to ensure maximum engagement.


Ebooks are lengthy contents that can consist of around 10,000 words. These are informational posts that you can create by writing on a single topic. The lengthy posts allow you to write detailed explainations on various topics, thus providing indepth information on that topic. These outstanding website content types are great for informational websites.

Content creation and marketing is an art. Out-of-the-box ideas combined with outstanding website content types can deliver a superior quality webpage that would have a high number of visitors to your site.

Default iOS Kill Switch Might Reduce iPhone Theft

iOS Kill Switch

If you are an iPhone user and have updated your operating system to iOS 8, then your iPhone has become theft proof. Apple has incorporated a default kill switch in the new iOS 8. Thus with iOS kill switch users can lock down their phones and totally disable them, making it obsolete to use, if the smartphones are lost or stolen.

Kill Switch Integration:

Apple had already integrated the kill switch in the previous Apple operating system, the iOS 7. However activation of kill switch in iOS 7 was optional. This prevented the full utilization of the iOS kill switch. Apple therefore integrated the kill switch in iOS 8 by default thus becoming the first smartphone to employ this technology.

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Making iPhones Theft-proof:

High-end smartphones have always been an active target for thieves and rogues. And for this very reason various anti theft technologies have been developed. But none have been quite successful. However, the iOS Kill Switch developed by Apple proved to be quite successful.

Apple iOS Kill Switch

If the kill switch of an iPhone is activated, the phone can be used as a paper weight at the most. All functions are locked and the phone becomes completely dysfunctional.

Kill Switch Expectation:

Apple thinks the iOS kill switch will help in reducing the incidents of theft. Reports from a study suggested that the incorporation of the Kill switch has reduced incidents of iPhone thefts.

Once a person recovers his stolen or lost iPhone, the kill switch can be easily deactivated. The user has a unique code number, inputting which, the kill switch deactivates. The iPhone returns to its normal self and the users can go along doing their usual business on the iPhone.

Compulsory Integration:

The lawmakers of California USA have gone a step further to prevent smartphone theft. They recently passed a law stating that all smartphones in the State of California launched after July 2015 should mandatorily have the kill switch installed.

With the kill switch, however iPhone theft might be expected to nullify. It is to see now which other tech giants follow the suit.

Etsy Improves Search Functionality : A Step To Increase User Engagement

Etsy Improves Search Functionality

It can doubtlessly be stated that Etsy has reached the zenith of success in a rather short span of time. And it is certainly not a joke that this startup has managed to get a million sellers globally selling almost 3 million items online. However, Etsy seems to have summoned a challenge: not only are there no SKUs but that most data too are unstructured. That Etsy improves search functionality is news indeed for its users!

The company has tried to answer the challenge rolling out a search functionality which is rather sophisticated. Yes, Etsy improves search functionality which is now live after a month of being in the beta-test where it has witnessed huge engagement not just from the mobile users but from the desktop users too.

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This is certainly a laudable approach by the company. The search functionality will help Etsy recognize user intent and deliver customized or tailored results. The company is focusing more on offering “long-tail” search content to the users that would benefit the sellers too.

Etsy Improves Search Functionality For Users

Instead of showing the search items in a raw ranking hierarchy as basing upon the superficial variables, Etsy now plans to showcase both single items as well as their categories, thereby showing more content which had so long been absent.

The evolution in the search functionality that Etsy is introducing is rather interesting. It is not just going more descriptive, but is also going the old school way while taking a leap forward to a whole new system. As Etsy improves search functionality, it has taken a step forward in presenting the search items in a more organized way to the users.

The company had taken a machine learning approach. However, it lacked a strong system to follow the system. In order to create a taxonomy that is structured, Etsy hired a library scientist. The company help its sellers tag, organize, and categorize their items systematically. Given the fact that this new model stands at place today, the company can now improve search ranking.

While Etsy improves search functionality, it allows people to get deep into the item-categories not just with refinements but with clear filters too.

As it is that the beta site went live for a certain set of users almost a month ago, Etsy has noted a subsequent increase in user-engagement by nearly 10%.  Study shows a greater engagement from mobile users over desktop users. Now, the search functionality is live for all its users.

Six Simple Instagram Marketing Tricks For Better Traffic

Simple Instagram Marketing Tricks

Instagram is a growing platform. Marketers are now turning to these social media sites to promote their sites and products. The quality visuals add to the promotional factor thus improving the chances with higher visibility. Following simple Instagram marketing tricks helps marketers achieve their goals.

Marketers are now adapting and customizing their own Instagram promotional images to improve their social presence as well as increase traffic. Quality images that are unique and relevant to the target audience attract the attention of the audience. Engaging image contents can prove to be a valuable means to generate traffic to your site. Below are six simple Instagram marketing tips from social media experts on how to improve your social presence through Instagram.

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1. Dimensions 

In Instagram, dimensions form an important element. Unlike other social sites, Instagram is solely dedicated to the posting and sharing of images. Images in Instagram are square shaped and thus while you click on your pictures for promotional purposes ensure their dimensions.

Instagram has presently become an effective source of marketing goods. Shooting square images for your Instagram accounts saves you time in editing. You also can ensure that you have all the important elements within the form while you take the click.

2. Use link-shortener

Link-shorteners are important tools when it comes to marketing Instagram posts. These tools not only help shorten URLs but also help monitor your traffic to the site. A customized link shortener can serve several functions than just compressing the site link. You can keep a check on your CTR through your Instagram account.

This is also helpful when you launch a new campaign or a landing page.

3. Promoting competitors

Promoting other companies through your image sharing site is one of the simple Instagram marketing tricks. When you promote your partners and competitors, they too might in turn promote your site or link in their posts. Tags and shares work great with Instagram posts. This in turn helps generate higher traffic as well as results in higher conversion.

Six Simple Instagram Marketing Tricks

4. Use hashtags

Finding and sharing posts of different places, events and even people is now simplified with the Instagram hash-tags. Using hash-tags lets you find trending topics quite easily. This is one of the simple Instagram marketing tricks that is highly useful for brands as it aids in the visibility of posts.

5. Funnel audience

Visitors are those whom you want to come to your site. Creating a huge volume of loyal followers is the purpose of your social media sites. Posting attractive and engaging content is your first priority as a marketer. Use a call-to-action button in your images. Compel your audience to take an action. A compelling image is one of the simple Instagram marketing tricks that can help you bring quality convertible traffic.

6. Use videos

Images are compelling but videos generate a higher volume of audience. If you create a profile with a mixture of images and videos, these tend to get higher number of visitors. Videos have a higher engagement quotient than that of images. Thus, posting of videos and GIF images at frequent intervals helps boost your traffic. However, make sure that the videos you post is relevant to your business and is searchable by your target audience.