Yahoo Maps Shutting Down ! Why Is Yahoo Doing This? Find Out Here…

Yahoo Maps Shutting Down ! Why Is Yahoo Doing This? Find Out Here….

Yahoo Maps Shutting Down

The announcement has been rather sudden! With the end of June this year, the big social network – Yahoo – decides upon Yahoo maps shutting down. This project was launched by Yahoo back in the year 2008 with some other tools. The decision, of course, came as a big surprise in the middle of this year.

This major change of Yahoo maps shutting down was announced with a bundle of other news but this one swept some people off their feet with the element of surprise and shock in it. However, the other applications such as Flickr will still continue to support this app.

Why the decision was taken and with what objective?

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The primary aim was to quicken and speed up the process of generating revenue and further work on the company’s media and advertising. Furthermore, in one of the blog posts the social network very specifically mentioned that Yahoo maps shutting down so as to make sure that all their resources are being spent well and in the right direction and that maximum returns are obtained out of it. One of the main reasons as to whyYahoo Inc. took this decision is because of the intense and hard competition that it is facing from Google.

It has been made very clear by the Chief Executive of the company that the company is trying to focus on more important issues. He stated that the company has evolved greatly since this service was launched seven years ago. Though the announcement proved to be of quite a sudden nature, after it made it was realized that this was in fact coming. Yahoo Inc. had stopped putting it into the application quite some time ago.

Reasons For Yahoo Maps Shutting Down

This announcement was made by the Chief Executive Marissa Mayer who has been working day and night to revive this company that almost died a few years ago and on that note, he has indeed done a very good job.

The revival project!

As a part of the rejuvenation project, various new services were also introduced by him. These services included Yahoo finances, shopping and sports. More than anything, the company’s future has been turned around by him along with his team. Moreover, all the mobile applications have been revised and refreshed so as to increase customer satisfaction.

The policy of Yahoo maps shutting down closing the decayed and musty services that are not benefiting the company in any way

This policy of Yahoo maps shutting down have been incurring losses was adopted by yahoo last year. In the previous year, yahoo took the decision of closing down the Yahoo directory. This was launched by the company in the year 1995 and was being of no use to the company. This was one of the services that lead Yahoo to the top back when it was launched. Apart from these, the company has made its plans clear by shutting down more than sixty products in the past two and a half years.

Its not just Yahoo Maps shutting down, Yahoo Pipes also joins league!

Though the policy has been clear for quite some time now, this decision still surprised a huge number of people who keep a close watch on the company’s performance. This is not the only service that Yahoo Inc. is shutting down this year. In addition to the Yahoo maps, the company also decided and accordingly announced that the Yahoo pipes will also be shut down by them. Yahoo pipes was a service that customized the web feeds and filtered it according to the requirements and was launched in the year 2007.


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