Yahoo Oracle Partnership To Increase Search Users

Yahoo Oracle Partnership To Increase Search Users.

Yahoo Oracle Partnership

Yahoo in its annual meeting that was recently held, announced that the search engine will be collaborating with Oracle, the software company. The Yahoo Oracle partnership is an effort on part of the search engine to pull in more users to it.

According to Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, with the Yahoo Oracle partnership, the default search engine for Java users will be Yahoo. Thus, when software users download any Java software, users will be asked to use Yahoo as their default search engine.

At present Yahoo’s global search-market share is a mere 9.26%. The percentage of Yahoo users in the US is relatively higher that the global number at 12.7%. However, the figures are quite low in comparison to the number of years the search engine has existed in the market.

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Yahoo had earlier collaborated with Mozilla too, making Yahoo the default search engine for Mozilla. The Yahoo Oracle partnership too is a similar collaboration.

Yahoo Oracle Partnership To Increase Followers

Mayers, in the announcement said that Yahoo has gained a considerable number of users with the past deal with Mozilla. Thus it expects that the Yahoo Oracle partnership too will reap great results for the search engine. Oracle too has announced that nearly 90% of desktop users in the US is installed with Java. Thus this collaboration is bound to bring in a huge number of users for the search engine.

Yahoo has also introduced a mobile search algorithm in the month of May named Gemini. This search algorithm was introduced to compete with Google which has a stronghold in the mobile search market as well. However, Yahoo’s market share has been increasing gradually. After the Yahoo-Mozilla collaboration, users for Yahoo increased by 3% in the US and Google witnessed a fall in their user number. According to reports from the first quarter of this year by comScore, Google’s market share is 64.4% while Yahoo has a market share of 12.7% in the US. However, Yahoo needs to put more effort to make its presence felt in the global market.

Yahoo’s global market share is below 10% while for Google its around 90% of the search engines used.

The Yahoo Oracle partnership will become effective from this month itself. Thus, when users would try to download or update anything on Java, users will be asked to choose Yahoo as the default search engine in a promptbox. Yahoo expects that this partnership will bring positive results for the search engine.


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