Writing The Perfect Headline For Social Media Blog

Writing The Perfect Headline For Social Media Blog.

Perfect Headline For Social Media Blog

Social media is a crowded place. Though it is one of the most used platforms for the promotion of a product, new marketers find it hard to get their products highlighted in the social media. Apart from a great piece of content, a perfect headline for social media blog is a crucial element to get yourself in the forefront.

Headlines are the magnets that compel viewers to click on your link. Every marketer struggles to create the perfect headline for social media blog that would pull in as many visitors. Most audience tends to decide the quality of the content based on how attractive the headline is. Thus, if your headline is an arresting one, half of your work to pull in visitors is done.

There are no exact rules that you need to abide by for creating the perfect headline for social media blog. However, keeping the below elements in mind would give you a higher chance to make your headline more catchy.

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Give numbers

Headlines like “5 ways to create a great social profile” or “10 simple Pinterest Tools to use this season” tends to receive greater traction. Segregating your content into multiple points makes it easier for readers to find and read those. Though, keeping the number in singles work best, often writers use big and odd numbers like “57 best Pinterest quotes” that pull in visitors with the sheer number.

Adjective work wonders

Writing The Perfect Headline For Social Media Blog

Using interesting adjectives is a key factor in creating a prefect headline for your first social media blog. Using words like “ effortless”, “incredible” and “awesome” tend to make users click on such headlines. These words are not unique. However, it suggests the quality and type of the blog content. Thus, using adjectives can generate higher traffic to your site.

Use exclusive findings

If your content is a research blog, include exclusive findings that you have generated from your research. These can be numbers, stats, information or any other data. Try placing some information of your exclusive findings within the headlines to highlight it in the social media crowd. Audience tends to click on headlines that contain some exclusive information thus giving you a headstart for your traffic.

Dare the readers

You can use controversial headlines to pull in higher traffic for your blog. Daring your audience with headlines that are bold tend to receive higher CTR as people are interested to know what details you have for them to share.

How to get the perfect headline for social media blog

Creating the perfect headline for social media blog is a challenging task as you wish your blog to be read by most of your target audience. However, even though you create a fabulous headline, chances of its visibility and CTR will be quite low.

1. Use A/B testing on Twitter to get the perfect headline.
2. A good image can works as a headline attracting audience.
3. Avoid referring first person words like “I”, “me” etc.
4. Do-it-Yourself headlines get a high traffic as users are willing to learn.

Studies suggest that 8 out of 10 people go through the headline while the rest two read the entire blog. Increasing the number of readers to read your entire blog is tough. However, a perfect headline for social media blog, that is unique and out-of-the-box might help in pulling in the desired traffic.


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