New Features In Twitter : A Desperate Effort To Gain Users?

New Features In Twitter : A Desperate Effort To Gain Users?.

New Features In Twitter

Just after the announcement that Dick Costolo would be stepping down from his position as the CEO of Twitter, announcement of new features in Twitter suggests that the social networking site is making desperate efforts to increase its user-numbers.

Though Twitter has the second largest user-base among the different social media sites, its growth-rate has become snail-paced. It was only recently that experts took a serious note on Twitter’s slow growth. Criticism of the failure in growth is supposedly a major reason for Costolo to resign from his position. With such criticisms, new features in Twitter are being introduced so that interaction with customers increase. Twitter had also collaborated with Google with their firehose data, that allowed Twitter ads to be visible at a greater frequency. However, this collaboration was not a successful one and Twitter failed to monetize from this.

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Thus along with the announcement of Dick Costolo stepping down, the social networking site also announced three features in Twitter that will make the social site more appealing for its users.

Increased character limit

Introducing New Features In Twitter

Twitter in the announcements said that it will be extending its 140-character limit in its direct messaging section. Users now will be able to send direct messages with a character limit of 10,000 characters.

This will enhance the scope of marketers to send and receive messages to their prospects, thus increasing the chance of conversion. Users too will be able to give out details about any problem that they might face or even complimenting a particular product.

Twitter’s shopping collection

Twitter had last year introduced a “Buy now” button expressing its desire to become an ecommerce platform. However, according to the latest announcements, one of the new features in Twitter would be named shopping collections. This feature would enable users to check out the brands which will have the news feed of its original website. Presently, Twitter is to enable this feature in around 40 brands. It will extend to other brands once it works out successfully.

Autoplaying of videos

The social networking site has also introduced a new autoplay feature where Vine videos or other short videos will be played automatically on your Twitter page. Users earlier needed to click on the play button to see the videos. With this among the new Twitter features, videos will play automatically. While it will surely increase Twitter engagement, viewing of videos will only be considered engaging if it viewed for over 3 seconds.

Facebook viewer engagement shot up when it announced the plans to introduce an autoplay option. It would not be too wrong to conclude that Twitter too is expecting a rise in its user base with this new feature.


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