Smart WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not Know Of

Smart WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not Know Of.

Smart WhatsApp Tricks

Apps, games, notes… All these features came into existence when the cell phones upgraded to smartphones. The basic feature of a phone has still been to send or receive a call or message. However, with the arrival of applications likeViber and WhatsApp, the users are now free even to recharge their phones for calls or message card. Because internet connectivity has made all that possible. Smart WhatsApp tricks mentioned here will help you utilize this app further.

Among the texting over internet apps, the most popular one is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Not only the youngsters but even the adults use it to stay connected to their contacts. And everyone will agree that the app is as simple to use as possible.

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Hence it comes as a surprise when one is informed that there are still certain smart WhatsApp tricks not many are familiar with. Even though it’s just a message, photo or video sharing platform, there are a few unknown smart WhatsApp tricks which can come handy. Some of these features are:

Schedule a WhatsApp Message: Download WhatsApp Message Scheduler Lite from the PlayStore. Open the app and it will ask permission for superuser access (this app works only on a rooted android smartphone). Once permission has been granted it automatically proceeds to the app. It has two icons at the bottom by which you can toggle between the pending and sent messages.

Write the message you wish to deliver. Then fix the date and time for the scheduled message. You have now scheduled the message. All your scheduled messages can be found in the pending messages.

Change Phone Number Linked With WhatsApp: Bought a new sim card? Want to change your old number associated with WhatsApp without losing access to the groups you had joined? Here’s how you can do it. Go to Settings -> Account -> Change Number -> Type both your old and new phone number and hit ‘Done’.

Smart WhatsApp Tricks Teenagers

Create a Fake Conversation: Noticed the fake conversations between celebrities prevailing on Facebook wherein they make fun of each other? Ever wanted to do that yourself? With the help of an app like WhatSaid you can perform smart WhatsApp tricks like create fake conversations and play pranks on your friends. Don’t use it to spoil someone’s life though, please. There isn’t a similar app for iPhone though.

Recover Deleted Messages: Recovering deleting messages on WhatsApp after you’ve deleted it from within the app is possible without any additional recovery software. This is one of the smart WhatsApp tricks that not everyone is aware of. WhatsApp by default stores all your conversations and activity on your SD card.

Go to SD card -> WhatsApp -> Databases and look for two files named – msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt5 and msgtore.db.crypt. The first file contains all the messages you’ve sent or received in the last seven days while the second file contains all messages sent or received on that day.

To restore your WhatsApp messages, rename msgtore.db.crypt to OLDmsgtore.db.crypt or something to identify the old backup easily, so in case if something goes wrong, you can try again. Select the database you wish to restore from the files left and rename it to msgtore.db.crypt. Uninstall and re-install WhatsApp and when prompted choose Restore.

Send Two Images in One: Have you received an image where at first you see a hot chic and when you click on the image you get to see a monkey? The is one of those smart WhatsApp tricks that require an app to work. Try Magiapp tricks for WhatsApp for android and FhumbApp for iPhone. Using them you can hide your best pics inside others. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do if you own a Windows phone or BlackBerry except forwarding those images and even then you can’t be sure if it’ll work.


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