Increase Traffic: Combine Paid Search Marketing With Organic Search

Increase Traffic: Combine Paid Search Marketing With Organic Search.

Paid Search Marketing

You might be running a great organic search campaign or a successful PPC campaign. But have you tried a mixed online promotional campaign of organic and paid search marketing? An individual campaign, paid or organic, might be half the promotion done. Optimum utilization of both campaigns can help you pull in maximum traffic.

An amalgam of the two promotional campaigns – paid search marketing and organic search – if continued in a balanced way will increase the visibility of the site. The page rank too will rise as will the convertible traffic to the site.

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Synchronization of SEO AND SEM:

Google AdWords, is a powerful tool used in paid search marketing. Combined with Google Webmaster tool, the CTR of your website would gradually increase. This will be evident in the SERP where it will be listed in the top pages.

For the SERP, results will appear in different categories. Ads will be listed as paid ads as well as organic ones. The more the number of ads listed on the site, the higher will be the CTR.

According to Seer Interactive, a combined promotional campaign increases the CTR manifolds. Paid search marketing and organic search together raise the click through rates from 5% to more than 18%.

Implementing AdWords

Use of relevant keywords is important to score in the SERP. An organic ad campaign is incomplete without Google AdWords tool. This tool is particularly beneficial for startups as the budget for online marketing is really low initially. Startups cannot bear to expend too much on paid advertising. Hence they often go for organic ad campaigns with Google AdWords playing an important part.

Linking a product page with the ads normally boosts the chances of your ad presence in the search engine. Hence your ads get higher visibility. Google now allows marketers to link ad pages with product page so that viewers can directly go to a product page by clicking on the ads.


Quality score is an important metric that lets you acquire vital data about the audience. The data is then used by Google itself to analyze the position of the ads. However, quality score is an organic promotional technique. Hence it normally provides a relative metric. The quality score combined with CPC (Cost Per Click) gives you a more accurate result of your ad and your site.

Each of the tools does a specific work while contributing towards the overall goal of increasing the visibility of the advertisement. While quality score analyzes the relevance of each keyword in various landing pages, cost per click evaluates the competitiveness of those keywords and check whether those keywords attract target audience.

Brand bidding

Paid Search Marketing For SEO

Double listing is always beneficial than listing only in paid search marketing ads or only organic promotions. Brands are related to content and the quality of the content often forms a determining factor for the brand. However, only organic marketing is not always sufficient to promote your online brand.

Here PPC plays a key role to increase the CTR of the advertisement. Brand promotion on both the spaces, gives your ads more exposure. It has been recorded, though ads are present in both organic and paid search marketing the audience generally clicks on the paid ads. Branded search tends to have a higher rate of click through rates and results in more conversion than individual products.

Increased conversion  

A branded ad with quality content can pull in enough traffic. However, your basic target is to increase the rate of conversion to earn ROI.  Increase the ad visibility and you obtain a greater chance of pulling up your click through rates. But increased CTR does not necessarily imply higher conversion.

Make your content highly engaging and compelling so that people do not leave your page too easily. Place a prominent call to action button handy for the visitors. This would let users carry forward the process of purchase without travelling to any other page. Once you succeed in doing so, your conversion too would increase gradually.

With combined organic and paid search marketing, conversions are bound to increase. Proper execution of the promotional ads at the right time to the correct target audience is necessary. This, when successfully executed, results in improved returns.


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