Five Fail-Safe SEO-Friendly Pinterest Tricks

Five Fail-Safe SEO-Friendly Pinterest Tricks.

Fail-Safe SEO-Friendly Pinterest Tricks

After Facebook and Twitter, it seems Pinterest has become a major social media site. Though it is an image sharing site, business promotion through images and short videos too are being pinned in different Pinterest boards. However, with the overhaul of marketers in Pinterest there has aroused the need of fail-safe SEO friendly Pinterest tricks to enhance the chances of your pins getting noticed.

According to the latest data collected by, the global Pinterest user base is 72.8 million. This is very evident on how the image sharing site has made a foothold in the social networking market. Marketers are, thus, flocking in to promote their products on Pinterest. This has also lead to the need of some fail-safe SEO friendly Pinterest tricks.

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However, it has been noticed, that while marketers design and create beautiful pins to be promoted on the site, organic promotion are often used secondarily. If you want to get higher click through rates, proper optimization of all online marketing techniques is necessary. And to enhance traffic, implementing the below fail-safe SEO friendly Pinterest tricks is absolutely essential.

Optimizing profile

Profile optimization is the first and foremeost task of any marketer who wishes to make it big on social media. In Pinterest, your profile acts as the window to your business and website. Your target audience would only visit your site if they find your Pinterest profile engaging and compelling enough. Remember to deliver robust description of your business in your profile. Use searchable and relevant keywords that relate to your business. If the profile is properly optimized, this fail-safe SEO friendly Pinterest tricks is bound to pull in quality traffic.

Keyword rich product descriptions

Quick And Fail-Safe SEO Friendly Pinterest Tricks

Describing your products in the pins are a great way to generate traffic and leads. However, make sure that your description includes keywords that users are likely to search with. Use powerful keywords in moderation. Keyword stuffing is better avoided as your pin would sound spammy.

Strong keywords that help in describing your business, as well as relevant by the searchers would help you push up your Pinterest followers.

Re-pins are important

It might not be possible that you use exclusive keywords that is relevant to your business as well as searched for. You may at times use competitve keywords. Using highly competitive keywords do not work the same way as unique keywords as they are searched for most of the time. In this case, the number of re-pins against a competitive keyword is taken into account. If there is a higher number of repins, it aggravates the chances of your getting higher visibility. It is one of the fail-safe SEO friendly Pinterest tricks to increase leads. However, no repining for a long time can also lead to a pin disappearing into oblivion.

Match your keywords accurately

Like Twitter, Pinterest limits the description of a pin to a character limit of 500. However, while in Twitter it is just 140 character, Pinterest has been generous in this aspect of promotion. Thus, no matter how good you write or vast your product features go, you need to bundle up everything within this 500 characters. However, never fail to include keywords within these as it is best fail-safe SEO friendly Pinterest tricks element that induces visibility of Pins.

Include rich pins

Rich pins are the most effective and simple way to link your website to your Pinterest profile. It pulls data from your site, displaying it on your Pinterest profile. Rich pins can be of many types. These include product price, contact numbers, and even maps. Rich pins also include movie pins, image pins etc. that helps in increasing the relevancy of your pins in the search category.


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