Mobile Devices Are Causing Desktop Extinction: The Changing Era Of Technology

The number of users accessing web on mobile devices are on an immediate hike, but it does not imply that the desktop use is on extinction. On comparing the sales of mobiles with the sale of PC, over years the decline of desktop sale is not quite a valid reason to state the desktop extinction. There is a big notion that mobile devices are causing desktop extinction.

No doubt, mobile use is on its rise which forms one of the major reasons why mobile devices are causing desktop extinction. All thanks to it’s easy-to-handle nature, cheap price and the plethora of services and functionalities it offers similar to a desktop. Why would then one prefer the bulky desktops when all those tasks can be carried on mobile too.

Here are some of the reasons which negate that mobile devices are causing desktop extinction:

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1. Enterprise desktop

The need of enterprise desktop cannot be easily substituted. They are relatively cheap in price these days. The enterprises are enjoying the decline in prices of desktop due to their slow market and due to low demand. Moreover, the VDI i.e. Visual Desktop Infrastructure, its possible replacement is a costly investment.

2. Replacing is not economical

Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration while talking about the cost is the rip and replace strategy. If an enterprise already has desktops at work, which are not required to be replaced then there stands no point to rip them from their use and replace them with new ones. That mobile devices are causing desktop extinction is somewhat true, but nit economical.

3. Some of the applications are meant to be for desktops

Due to some of the applications which work best through PC’s, it becomes important to continue using them in desktops to enjoy smooth working. These are those applications which are CPU intensive or that are latency sensitive. There are some applications which don’t work so well on VDI desktops than on enterprise PC’s.

4. Resistible to change

How Mobile Devices Are Causing Desktop Extinction

The human tendency to not easily adapt to changes is also an important factor to stick to desktops. The workers working in an organization are defiant to changes. Replace the long working technology with visual desktops and mobile devices. It becomes rather difficult to adapt to other sort of devices when you become resistive to one.

5. Special hardware considerations

There are reasons to continue using desktops due to certain hardware requirements. All types of hardware are not compatible with visual and mobile devices. So, for this reason alone it is worthy to want desktops. For instance, some scanners of high importance are not able to work with anything beside PC’s.

6. For security reasons

Another importance of desktops to be in place is due to the security feature being connected with the use of PC’s. The often used Group Policy settings by Admin specifically require use of PC’s. Though these settings can be adapted on virtual desktops too but they would require major changes on account of the change of environment from physical to visual.

7. Simplicity

Another worthy reason why the fact that mobile devices are causing desktop extinction is not completely true is the latter’s relatively simple working and environment. Moreover, a problem in VDI requires a great ordeal to be fixed. Whereas, in PC’s the problems are connected with each other which makes it easy to resolve.

8. Touch of reliability

VDI desktops are made fault-resistive by using complicated and redundant means. But when any problem occurs at the organization level rather than at a server level, then it would most likely affects the whole of organization’s systems. Moreover, in case of PC, a scope of the problem extends only to the concerned PC.

9. Customization

The PCs are highly customized than the virtual desktops. It easily adapts to changes that it require to run a particular program.

10. PC’s are in working condition

It doesn’t make any sense to replace the PC’s with other devices when they are still in working condition. Its same as like some IT shops still prefer working on Windows XP when there are more advanced Windows available. Same goes for working on PC’s.

These were some of the reasons why PC’s still shine in enterprises despite its substitutes in market and continue to negate the concept that mobile devices are causing desktop extinction.


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