Is Remarketing In PPC Campaign Really Effective?

Is Remarketing In PPC Campaign Really Effective?.

Remarketing In PPC Campaign

Remarketing your ad campaign is necessary if you want to have a definite outcome of your promotional campaigns. It is not the form of your remarketing that is important, but it is your frequency of remarketing in PPC campaign that reflects how effective your remarketing is.

Studies suggest that not all, who visit an ecommerce site, make a purchase on their very first visit. Though this might mean loss of opportunity in the first instance, with the help of Google AdWords remarketing, you get plenty of opportunities to make a dashing second impression.

What is remarketing in PPC campaign?

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Remarketing is basically promoting your product to your target audience a second time to influence them to take the next step. Remarketing has become a common phenomenon especially for ecommerce sites. Remarketing is also fruitful if your work deals with B2B customers and you were unable to make a striking first impression. Remarketing features that Google Adwords provide are a great way to improve your PPC campaign and re-promote your products to your target audience.

How it Works?

Remarketing is mainly promoting your site or product to your past visitor. Thus when you are remarketing in PPC campaign, your target audience have already seen your product but did not make any purchase. Utilizing remarketing with AdWords makes your site leave cookies in the browsers of your target audience.

Effectiveness Of Remarketing In PPC Campaign

Thus when your target audience use the browser again, remarketing ads are displayed on a part of the user interface.

PPC campaign and remarketing

Remarketing is one important part of PPC campaign. Remarketing in PPC campaign helps in expanding your presence in the search engine. The remarketing ads that are displayed are clickable ads, clicking on which audiences are redirected to a landing page or the product page. For example- Amazon is one such ecommerce site that uses remarketing heavily. Often, clicks on remarketing ads result in a purchase.

Remarketing in PPC campaign is used by all kinds of sites. However, sites with a limited number of products, are easier for marketers to set up, with a remarketing campaign. Remarketing should be focused on a small number of audience to bring out the maximum profit from remarketing in PPC campaign.

If you have missed making the first impression, it is never too late. With a remarketing campaign you are flooded with opportunities to make a grand second impression. Remarketing may also result in your target audience moving to take the next step and improving your ROI.


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