How Teens Use Social Media: An Infographic

How Teens Use Social Media: An Infographic.

How Teens Use Social Media

We may be well rehearsed with the pitfalls of social media and can recite more than five such instances at a moment’s notice, but what about the younger demographic? Are they at all concerned with their privacy? Research shows that for most of them,that’s the last thing on their minds. It’s actually funny, considering all the ploys they use to hide their secrets from their parents but bare it all on social media. They hide their emotions, but only from their parents, not the rest of the world. It’s just how teens use social media.

91% of teens share photos of themselves on social media, 53% post their email addresses while one in every five teenager make their cell phone number public. Some aren’t interested to give the privacy setting a read and those who readaren’t really interested in implementing them. Only a relatively small percentage of people bother to make their profiles private.They share their real name, the name of their schools and even their relationship status for everybody to see. They aim for an impressive number of friends to show off in Facebook, resulting in a number of strangers in their friend list. Statistics show that 33% of teens are Facebook friends with people they haven’t met in real life!

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Teens have always been a significant part of the social media landscape. Recent studies have pointed towards a radical shift in how teens use social media.Surprisingly, 61% of teenagers cite Tumblr as their favourite social media,beating Facebook by a small margin. Image- based social media sites are rapidly gaining in popularity with Instagram having the largest growth in teen usage over the past year.

How Teens Use Social media Sites


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