Sharing Image On Instagram – An Inevitable Part Of Your Business

Sharing Image On Instagram – An Inevitable Part Of Your Business.

Sharing Image On Instagram

Everyone is aware of the online networking phenomenon in the name of “Instagram” that works purely with videos and pictures, and eventually shares them across various other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Sharing image on Instagram, the users will get amazing filters to the raw pictures they take and videos which are up to 15 seconds long.

Sharing image on Instagram along with its quick processing makes this network stand out from the others. It was launched in October 2010 and since then it has been all over the app stores including the Apple StoreGoogle Play and also the Windows Phone store. After being acquired by Facebook in 2012 the growth of Instagram has exponentially increased.

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The eye-candy trends

Sharing image on Instagram keeps the users updated with all the latest trends. The whole concept of “selfie” was popularized by Instagram and cool hash-tag policies like “throwback Thursday” keeps users actively engaged to the app. Clients like “Inst10″ were created just to bring smiles to Blackberry users who want to access Instagram. There are a lot of other cool features and hash-tag policies that keep spreading and eventually draw a lot of traffic to Instagram.

As a business tool

Any social network, which draws a lot of traffic from all around the world turns out to be the best business tool. The more the number of people visiting the app, the better it is for your business promotion. Sharing image on Instagram seems to be the most happening activity on social media for all the major brands across the world to promote their new product or even launch them. Since all the promotion and launching happens via images it keeps all the users on their toes for any latest update.

Tips On Sharing Image On Instagram

Any promotion by any brand will reach almost a two hundred million people across the world. The team from Instagram has also stated that they will provide tools for all these brands which would help them analyse and improve their business strategies and methodologies. There are various factors which will help them achieve it;

1. Account surveillance

This will basically allow the brand to watch over the accounts growth, reach, impressions and their engagement towards the users.

2. Ad surveillance

This will give the brands good view and updates on how their paid ads are performing and reaching to the public. Paid ads are regularly uploaded on Instagram every time a new product is launched.

3. Reaching their target

These tools will give the brands a fair idea on their target audience and profit rates after every new update. They will give up-to-date details on the user views, and show the reach and engagement of the customers on time-to-time basis.

Sharing image on Instagram is something that companies, be it small or huge, practice at large for their advertising campaigns. This works as a two way process: it brings a lot of customers to purchase the company’s product and at the same time draws a lot of traffic to Instagram. Hence, they actively encourage brands to post their latest pictures or videos and start their campaign.

Sharing image on Instagram is really inevitable as far as your business plans go, mainly due to the amount of reach you get. There are various advertising tactics that brands make use of using Instagram. For example, they create an account in Instagram and give discount offers for the first thousand followers. n this way they get a lot of followers quickly and also draw a lot of users to Instagram. Clearly, Instagram seems to be the shortcut to success for a lot of business organizations.


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