How To Rank In Google Local Search

How To Rank In Google Local Search.

Google Local Search

Local search ranking has become a major factor for different businesses especially for the small and medium level ones. The main objective for any website is to appear on the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). However Google local search takes into consideration few vital factors for ranking.

To boost your page rank you need to optimize several ranking factors. Google local search is great for small businesses as it increases the possibility of quick conversion. This becomes important as Google local search lets you be found by prospective customers.

Though there are a number of ranking factors that help in improving your Google local search rank, it is highly affected by a few.

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Category ssociation

Selection of proper category is a crucial factor for ranking higher up in the Google SERP. The first work that you need to do is create a Google+ Local page. The primary category of the Google+ page is the most vital category that you choose. For the secondary category, you are provided with around nine options to choose from. However, be careful while you choose the category as it is pre-set.

Physical location

If you are promoting your local business, putting up on Google map helps you greatly as you are easy to be loacted by customers. When you have categorised your business, it will appear in the search page along with the pack of other competitors. For example, if you own a bookshop selling just travel books and you are located in New Delhi, your name would appear under the search keyword of “NewDelhi Travel Book Shop”. Here you can see two categories and around three keywords.

Google Local Search Ranking

When your customer is searching for travel book shop, Google will display only the ones that are located in close proximity to the loaction of the search.

Erratic web citations

Web citation works as an address in the local search directory. Submission and proper citation in these directories is important as it helps in locating your business quickly. However, it is very important that the web citations are consistent and not erratic. A difference in your business name, a missed street-name in you address, an incorrect contac- number etc, all are part of an inconsistent web citation. Preventing all these is important if you want your Google local search rank improved and to get noticed.

Google Places account

To deliver exact location and business details to your customers, you ought to have an account in Google Places. This is all the more important for a new business. Google Places provides its users with the necessary amount of exposure that this search engine tool provides.

This account should include the city that your business operates in, along with a proper landing page and a title compelling enough that a searcher might click on it when it appears on the SERP.

Inbound links

Links are one of the main bridges that help in bringing visitors from other sites to your site. When you share your inbound links to other related website, you create a competitve advantage to have visitors redirected to your site from other sites. Good quality and authoritative links generated from sites like that of local newspapers, business directories and indexes etc. contribute in pushing your Google local search rank.


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