How To Generate Traffic And Promote Website With Zero Investment

How To Generate Traffic And Promote Website With Zero Investment.

Promote Website With Zero Investment

Marketing and promotion is one of the biggest concerns for any business. Be it a running business, or a new one, marketers often spend quality time on the allotment of funds for the promotion of business. To promote website with zero investment is something that all marketers would crave to have.

Online businesses are great, and the most trending thing at present. Search engines provide a global platform for your business. Thus, you get a huge volume of audience at your disposal for your online businesses. However, to promote website with zero investment requires that you put in time and effort to improve your website’s presence on the search engines.

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Increasing traffic to your website becomes one of the biggest challenges for anyone who has a business online. The bulk of competition forms the first hurdle in your website’s page rank. Promoting your website through paid searches like PPC campaign and promoting on social websites is bound to bring in traffic. However, if you are a startup, or a small company and wish to promote website with zero investment, pulling in quality organic traffic should be your main focus.

Content is your foundation

You may have heard it many a times that “Content is King”. It is very true and is perhaps the most important element to promote website with zero investment. Content in your website is the basic foundation over which your entire website stands. Each element of your webpages, blogs, images, videos and animation – all form the content. Thus, if a website has poor content quality, it will not be able to pull in great traffic.

Thus, if you have a website, it is a wise idea to publish content on a regular basis to improve traffic. Even if you have a single page website, publishing new contents within the limits of your page is bound to generate traffic to your site.

Tips To Promote Website With Zero Investment

However, when you create content you need to take care that the content possesses the below elements:

i.  Content should be relevant to your website and business.
ii. It should be unique and original and not a duplication.
iii. The content should be engaging enough to keep the audience hooked to the site.
iv. It should be compelling so that the audience are willing to take the next step.

An arresting headline

If you have a blog, you need to post new content regularly. Blogs are a great way to promote website with zero investment. But just regular updating of content is not all. You need to make it attractive. An attractive headline or title is one of the most important features of a blog post. You can grab the attention of your audience with an arresting headline. Try making it as interesting as possible to compel your target audience to click on the title.

You can make your title interesting in the following ways:

i. Pose a question through your title. The title of this blog post is an example for this kind of headlines. You can begin your titles with “ How to”.
ii. Articles with headlines like “5 best ways to pull in traffic” generally tend to pull in visitors on a great number.
iii. Providing a solution or addressing a problem through your headline pulls in visitors.
iv. Using some quirky headlines too sometimes helps in generating clicks on your content.

Google authorship

With the help of Google authorship, you can link your pages, blogs and all relevant content with your Google+ account. This is a great way to improve your website’s SEO as connecting with G+ helps to improve your page rank in Google search engine.

Google+ is also a social network. Thus you can gain more exposure when you claim Google authorship and create a community around your business. This community in turn brings in new visitors and followers, thus helping to promote website with zero investment.

Unlike other social media sites, Google+ account contributes in improving the SEO of your site and pushes your page rank, thus helping to promote website with zero investment.

On-page optimization

Optimizing your on-page elements is the simplest and the most efficient way to promote website with zero investment. Inserting interesting and unique contents in the webpages which is relevant is the basic part of on-page optimization. On-page elements include page-load time, HTML tags, authority links, internal links etc.

Each of the elements needs to be taken care of and needs to be optimized so that page visibility in search engine can be multiplied.

Traffic generation and channelizing is easy if you have all your basics right in the first place. Organic promotion of a website is bound to reap quality results, though slowly. However, you can be sure that once you deliver your website and your audience approve of it, it is bound to pull in more traffic.


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