GIF Search Engine By Tumblr Will Replace Search Words

GIF Search Engine By Tumblr Will Replace Search Words.

Search engines might soon replace the search bar with a GIF creator or list. At least that would be the case with Tumblr. The social networking site has rolled out a GIF search engine by Tumblr itself. This search engine is to replace search phrases or keywords utilizing the stock of GIFs within Tumblr’s service.

To ease users and relieve them of the embarrassment of searching for the correct word, the GIF search engine by Tumblr will provide them with images that would be perfectly able to express what the user is unable to say through words.

Tumblr also said that the GIF that would be used can be created by anybody and not necessarily by the social site itself. Once a GIF is used, the concerned person who had uploaded the GIF will be notified by Tumblr. Tumblr also intends to credit the GIF maker with notifications.

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Using the GIF too is quite simple. Clicking on the “Plus” sign in the Tumblr menu displays a set of options. Here, clicking on the GIF option would display you a list of GIFs. You can choose from among these in place of a search word.

GIF Search Engine By Tumblr To Replace Search Words

The GIF search engine by Tumblr is indexed within the search algorithm that is followed by the micro-blogging site. The GIF has been, however, also linked with a number of phrases. Thus, if you wish to find a particular GIF, you can also search it through a phrase.

Tumblr would also be rating as the GIF which is mostly used by searchers as these would be replacing keywords. The knowledge of the GIFs that are mostly used will be marked as highly competitive.

Tumblr has been in news for the social media site that gave a platform for GIFs to return. GIFs or Graphics Interchange Format, has not become quite popular and is presently widely used in blogs and as different web page content. Thanks to Tumblr, its popularity which had faded with the internet speeding up, has made a come back.

At present, the GIF search engine by Tumblr will only be available through desktop use. Users will receive notification regarding the use of GIFs through mobile devices. The social networking site has not yet introduced this GIF search in mobile devices. However, it is only a matter of time before this feature is available on Android and iOS devices.


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