Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Resigns, Dorsey To Take Charge

Twitter had been under constant scrutiny for its repeated failures even with the second highest user-base. Critics have been abuzz with the sluggish growth of the social networking site. To put an end to all predictions, Twitter announced that the Twitter CEO Dick Costolo resigns. His place will be filled by the co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey as of now.

After Facebook emerged as the giant social networking site, Twitter became the closest rival. However, the gap between the user bases of the two most highly used social networking sites increased vastly. Twitter had been struggling to increase its user base. But it seems as if, it is stuck in a puddle. This is one of the many reasons why Twitter CEO Dick Costolo resigns from his post. Twitter very recently entered in collaboration with Google to provide firehose data, against its increased presence in the search engine. This was an attempt on part of Twitter to pull in more marketers to promote their ads on the social networking site. Twitter guaranteed that the collaboration would make Twitter ads appear more frequently on Google search engine thus prompting the audience to take an action.

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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Resigns From Post

However, this plan too did not go out quite well and Twitter failed to monetize from the marketers with this collaboration. This is another resason why Twitter CEO Dick Costolo resigns stating that, “I personally felt like the scrutiny of the company would intensify if I remained CEO while the search process was ongoing.”

Costolo also said that, Jack Dorsey is perhaps the best person to replace him in the hours of distress for the social networking site. He is the one who had seen the company grow from its nascent stage. At present he is the CEO of Square, a payment company. However, Dorsey’s duty as the CEO of Twitter will be until the board finds a person to be placed as the CEO of Twitter permanently.

As Twitter CEO dick Costolo resigns, Twitter also made a new announcement that it would be removing the character limit from direct messeging of Twitter. At present the character limit for direct messaging is 140. However, come July 1st, this limit will be removed.
This too seems an attempt on the part of Twitter to push up its follower base. Though it still struggles with its stagnant user base, it is to see whether the new CEO is able to bring out some change and pull the company from where it stands now.


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