The Latest iOS 9 Features Would Fascinate Apple Users

Worldwide Developers Conference this year witnessed a number of new features that Apple introduced. These new features include the introduction of Apple music, predictive Siri and numerous other features. However Apple did not disclose all the latest iOS 9 features.

It might be as the new operating system is still in the beta stage. The features might change, improve or be removed when the official version of iOS 9 is launched. Still Apple refrained to divulge a number of interesting features that it has brought with its new operating system.

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Lets check the fascinating latest iOS 9 features that were not revealed in the WWDC:


Among the latest iOS 9 features is the new lowercase keyboard. Earlier, iPhones displayed all the letters in capital and users had to determine the letter case with the press of the shift button. However, to spare the users from furthur problem, the new operating system has been included with a keyboard that can be changed according to the case of letters the user would like to use.

Thinned App

Latest iOS 9 Features For Apple Users

The new iOS 9 has thinned down the apps. This will be very effective for iPhone users with storage of 8 to 16 GB. The apps have been recreated in such a way that the phone stores only the most important bits, leaving out the rest.


This latest iOS 9 feature allows users to record videos and store it for later use. You can easily record a video in the background and watch it later or share it on any social media networks. However, developers need to make some additional tweaks in this feature to make it run smoothly.

Power Saver

A brand new section has been added in the settings section. This section provides an iOS 9 user with a number of options to improve and increase the battery life of your Apple device. This feature provides the users with a power saving mode, enabling which the device performance will be zipped down to save battery life. Thus you will have your iPhone running for a longer period.

These are just a few of the latest iOS 9 features that have been revealed. There might be more or none. But you never know what’s in store unless the official version rolls out.


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