Duolingo Language Learning App Now Valued At Half Billion

Duolingo language learning app, that was launched officially in June 2012, has raised a fund of $45 million, taking its value to almost half a billion. The startup, with its language learning app, has become quite popular with over 20 million active users worldwide.

Duolingo language learning app includes over 22 languages that a person can learn through this app. The user-friendly app with an easy-to-use interface has received over 60 million downloads. This, however, is an open app with the option of crowd-sourcing texts for translation for whoever wishes to learn a language.

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The popularity of the app has even made Google to take a look at it. In the latest round of fund raising, Google Capital was one of the top contributors in the startup. With the latest round of funding, Duolingo language learning app has been valued at $470 million.

New plans for the startup

With the recent funds, the Duolingo startup plans to make the app easier to use by creating a more user-friendly interface. Officials at the startup said that they wish to, “enable the Duolingo team to make the platform even more adaptive, personalized and effective, and to expand the platform’s presence in schools across the globe.”

Duolingo Language Learning App Launch

A version for schools

The next step that Duolingo language learning app startup plans to take is to introduce the app in schools across the globe. This is the very reason Google has become interested in funding the startup. Google is already known for its efforts in making education simple and entertaining for kids. The language learning app has already introduced a Duolingo version for schools named “Duolingo for Schools” that was launched in the earlier months of this year. The app has been built such that it is perfect to use at schools. It includes features like student progress tracker, extra credit offering as well as assigning homeworks directly through the app.

How the app works

The consumer version of Duolingo language learning app itself is very simple. The app uses images and speaking translators to learn the language. Users can also check their progress and the quality of performance in each of the stages that they need to cross. A person has to clear the stages gradually as the later stages are locked and can be opened only if the user clears the previous stage. The app also uses graphs to display the performance as well as compare and rate the performance with the previous ones.

Google’s involvement

The Duolingo language learning app is available for both Android and iOS. Users can easily download the app from Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The best part of this app is that it is absolutely free of cost and does not charge anything for the download.


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