Billion Facebook Messenger Download : Joins The Big League

After Facebook and WhatsApp, now its the turn of Messenger to join the big league. Yes, Facebook Messenger, that Facebook literally forced its users to download, recorded a billion Facebook Messenger download, making way for the company to be in league with just one other i.e. Google itself.

It was officially announced by David Marcus, the leader of Facebook Messenger app, that there has been a billion Facebook Messenger download on their Android devices. It is also the time when, this app joins its kins, Facebook and WhatsApp, in becoming one of the highly downloaded apps.

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Facebook has very successfully replaced mobile texting with social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. It can, however, be said that this billion Facebook Messenger download has resulted due to pressure. Facebook had prevented its users from using the messenging box on the mobile app asking users to download Facebook Messenger. Though user engagement saw a rise, it did not go well with users being forced to download an app separately just for messaging.

The threat

When Facebook had first launched the Messenger app, rumors had spread that with this app Facebook would gain access to all the information on a user’s smartphone. This had prevented the users from downloading the messaging app for a long time.

One Billion Facebook Messenger Download

However, with a number of announcements and declarations, users were finally confident enough to download the app.

The technique

Facebook Messenger has been created keeping the innovative technology in mind. It is an amalgam of the best of features of a mobile phone and that of a messenging app together. The app allows video calling, sharing of video clips and stickers, payment options and a wide range other third party apps. Overall, Facebook plans to be present as a communicating mode in every way possible for the users.

Messengers’s location detection and maps provide a great way to use it as a GPS. Facebook, through its Messenger has been trying hard to push customers to use the main app. Moreover, it also helps Facebook to monetize. Products are heavily endorsed on Facebook promoting over thousands of products.

The competitor

The acquisition of WhatsApp has almost cleared away any competition that Facebook messenger might face. Google, with its messenger “Hangouts” could not give a real competition to Facebook falling back greatly in the social messaging race. With this billion Facebook Messenger download, Google will have to work at promoting its messenger in an articulate manner if it wants to compete with its rival.


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